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Community Beat for 5 November


  • Community Beat for 5 November

    Welcome back, Capsuleers, to the Community Beat!

    In our last edition, we covered some amazing EVE Partners, relived exciting battles, Halloween player events, and got a sneak peek at CCPTV proudctions. Today we look forward to the Alliance Tournament, look back at EVE Vegas, and announce the return of another great CCP tradition.

    If this is your first Community Beat, worry not! To get you up to speed, our aim with these articles is to provide a foundation for all aspects of the EVE community: in-game events, developer chats, player meets, CSM reports, and much more. With a landscape as diverse and turbulent as EVE’s has become over the last near-nineteen years, no version of the Community Beat will ever look the same.

    As is customary for the Beat, sit back, crack open a brand new Apple Quafe, and enjoy!

    Alliance Tournament XVII

    Hosted by the Mordu’s Legion, the Alliance Tournament continues this weekend, beginning 6 November at 14:30 UTC, with the main event! Seventy-five alliances applied, and only forty remain after a grueling Feeder Tournament back in September. Those who remain will be taking part in an incredibly challenging 10-person, 40-team, double elimination format. Expect explosions, upsets, and nail-biting EVE Online action! You can find the Tournament bracket here, and follow your favorite teams on the official tournament megathread

    Make sure to tune in beginning this Saturday, 6 November at 14:30, live on CCPTV. For those who have never watched the Alliance Tournament – no worries! The incredibly talented player production group, EVE NT, will be breaking down all the action through expert casting and analysis suited for Tournament veterans and greenhorns alike. With a revamped ruleset, this year proves to be one of the most thrilling and challenging PvP events.

    Sponsors of the Alliance Tournament, the Mordu’s Legion, spared no expense in the prizes for this years’ competition. Two hundred and eighty all-new prize ships – the Raiju and Laelaps – are up for grabs for the top 16 teams. But there are viewer prizes as well! You can earn CCPTV Loyalty Points on Twitch by watching the riveting matches, and by correctly predicting the outcomes. Exchange your Loyalty Points at the CCPTV LP Store for jaw-dropping GalNet SKINs, Mixed Dimensions EVE ship models, and more!

    Fleet Up! - EVE Vegas Roundup

    As players returned home from EVE Vegas (22 October to 24 October), the largest event of 2021, there was no shortage of wonderful stories and great pictures from the meetup. CCP Nocturne, CCP Aurora, and CCP Icecream were on site for all the action. Although there was some Jump Fatigue from travel, seeing so many players gathered in one venue recharged our batteries. Group dinners, a private screening of Dune, tons of swag, and of course amazing conversation.

    A huge shout-out to members of Ascendance, who handed out physical ship models of the capital ships that their members lost in battle. What a marvelous touch! EVE players never disappoint in their creativity and ingenuity when it comes to player meets. We can’t wait to see what fun future events hold in store for the wonderful EVE Community!

    Fanfest Returns!

    The EVE meet that started it all - EVE Fanfest - is returning to Iceland 6-7 May, 2022, and we couldn't be more ecstatic. Fanfest is a cherished time here at CCP where we can meet players face to face, chat, watch the frienship machine in action, and share our love for EVE Online. There are so many great events and topics planned; we're more excited than a Minmatar in a Rifter!

    Presentations, charity dinner, the finals of the World Tour tournament, developer & player talks, the CCP Games Games - and so much more. We're quite literally counting down the days to see you all once again!

    Community Corner

    Dubbed “The Most Honest Man in New Eden”, Chribba has been a pillar of the community for as long as most can remember. One of the first third-party developers, and then famous broker for the very first Supercapital and Titan exchanges, Chribba’s status in EVE is a result of the trust he earned from pilots in the cluster. His legacy is a reminder that in New Eden, Capsuleers are free to chart their own path.

    In his latest project, “EVE Is Made By You”, Chribba honors EVE players through jaw-dropping artwork. Using more than 1.7 million character portraits, these iconic photomosaics showcase the evolution of EVE Online while simultaneously celebrating the players that helped take us there. Head on over to EVEOnline.Gallery and see if you can spot yourself! He’s included a handy search bar so you don’t have to spend hours looking at portraits trying to find yourself. Thanks, Chribba!

    This week, CCP Aurora & Swift were guests on the - one of EVE's most popular small-gang focused podcasts. Discussion topics included the new CONCORD Rogue Analysis Beacon, a lengthy discussion about varied playstyles, and of course the upcoming Alliance Tournament.

    *It's not the size of your fleet, it's how you lose it! *- CCP Aurora


    That's all for this installment. Head on over to the EVE Online forums to chat and share your stories, or check out the EVE Pulse for a different look at what’s going on in EVE!

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