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Corp Propaganda Contest - The Winners


  • Corp Propaganda Contest - The Winners

    Creative Capsuleers,

    The Corp Propaganda Contest has now come to a close and six corporations reign supreme.

    With the Quadrant 3: Gateway bringing massive overhauls to the New Player Experience, recruiters of the winning corps will be guaranteed to have their hands full for the foreseeable future!

    The winning propagandists below will have their creativity displayed proudly on station billboards in-game and on CCPTV. You can find the rest of the artwork in the official EVE Facebook gallery. The remaining video entries may also be added to CCPTV and billboards following an exclusivity period.

    Recruitment Poster Winners

    For the propaganda poster portion of the contest, entrants were asked to create a portrait poster:

    First Place – 1,000 PLEX, 10x Any SKIN worth 250 PLEX from NES

    Second Place - 750 PLEX, 10x Any SKIN worth 110 PLEX from NES

    Third Place - 500 PLEX, 10x Any SKIN worth 55 PLEX from NES

    Recruitment Video Winners

    Alternatively, Capsuleers could enter with a 15-second silent video – remember, in space nobody can hear you smacktalk!

    First Place – 1,000 PLEX, 15x Any SKIN worth 250 PLEX from NES


    Second Place - 750 PLEX, 15x Any SKIN worth 110 PLEX from NES


    Third Place - 500 PLEX, 15x Any SKIN worth 55 PLEX from NES


    Congratulations to the winners, your creations were enough to impress upon the hearts and minds of many CCP’ers! With any luck, they’ll have the same impact on the Capsuleer community. The community team will be in touch with you soon to deliver your prizes!

    Picking just three from each set of entries was tough so don’t be dissuaded if you didn’t place in the top three. Keep those creative pod juices flowing and keep submitting your propaganda on social media!

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