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Chaotic Dark Filament – Tier 5 – Abyssal Deadspace done in the new cruiser ship on SISI as a test run to see how these sites work.

Guide on the fit used for Vedmak is available here:


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  1. You ran out of time because you spent the 2nd and 3rd room constantly out tracking your own guns (plus not using drones and webs correctly), take this in consideration for future sites and you'll be consistently clearing and looting everything with a couple minutes still on the timer

  2. You really need to learn the hotkeys. F for fight for drones shift + R to return and set hotkeys in a way that works for you for orbit and stuff like that. you wasted about 5 minutes in time not knowing the game mechanics but I'm surprised that the t5 was this easy. For me T1 takes 6 minutes, T2 9 minutes, T3 14 minutes. Don't like cutting it too close because I was using a very expensive stratios with implants. I switched to an empty clone and used a cheap 300m VNI to run them and it went well. Didn't try T4 or T5 but I may give it a go in the VNI.

  3. Everyone basically only uses a Gila, was nice to see someone use something else. Is this actually a viable option or is it a bad choice? Could you have fitted a smartbomb or 2 to deal with the small stuff?

  4. I like your screen setup; though think I prefer to keep the module controls tighter to my overview so I don't have to scan my eyes (and mouse cursor) from one side to the other to go between selecting targets and checking module/tanking status. I may have to play with it. Where do you put local when not in abyssals? I don't spend much time in high sec so, local is necessary before/after running a filament.