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A tale of friendship, betrayal and an extraordinary EVE Online Scam…

Have you ever thought someone was a friend, only to find out they’ve been lying to you the whole time? EVE Online is well known for the scams carried out by players in-game, but one unfortunate EVE Online user ‘Tikktokk’ fell victim to a much more personal scam. He faced not only the loss of a friendship, but the loss of his prized 120B ISK Chremoas that had over 400 kill marks

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  1. EVE is interesting. Some friends and I started an alliance by, literally, telling another corp to "join us or die" then was going to take everyone to nulsec but decided couldn't bring ourselves to steal all their stuff. So we ended up being the third largest alliance in the game for a while and exploded in glorious battle like a good EVE pilot should.