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  1. Living in wormholes as we know it would not work as easily without third party tools like tripwire, siggy before that and other third party mapping tools and when API was removed wormholes was very difficult until esi login with eve got more established. So fixing the API would be a very good thing for the game.

  2. My favourite part of this interview was the acknowledgment that EVE has 'Discovery' issues. 

    I almost exclusively play solo. 

    Before I began playing EVE, before I knew anything about it, I was looking for a game like Elite Dangerous. I had played Elite (1985) and had fond memories and was hoping EVE, Mac compatible, would offer something similar. 

    Exploration, Missions, maybe even Faction Warfare, are kind of the go-to for solo players. I'd like to play in groups, but time constraints are a critical factor in group participation AND if you play to unwind, alone, after work, being in a group defeats the purpose of said aloneness.  

    Every one of my friends who I encouraged to begin playing EVE has quit playing and I know why (MMO vets all of them). To me the NPE and Photon UI, Faction Warfare update and Mission overhaul are by far the most important changes that are taking place in this game. These elements are vital for the community of players that has joined but is not yet ready to commit their clone to the control of a corporation. The bitter vets got to carve out their own space, well… we want to carve out ours. The difference is, when the vets carved out their space, 'space' was empty, high skilled players were fewer, alts were less prevalent. People joining today are not faced with the same challenges that players of the past were. There needs to be content for new players, content that will encourage us to stay players, players that may eventually form into groups and take your precious stuff from you.

    Steve and yourself made so many good points in this interview about the relationship between Eve's devs and the API community, including but by no means limited to the issues of complexity (both in-game and out), Dev focus, community participation and the importance of avoiding mono-cultures, and most importantly issues of discoverability. Not only is the EVE UI a piece of dog-doo-doo which vital information hidden in tiny hamburgers or missing entirely from relevant menus, API built to add legibility to the EVE experience such as Pyfa, Eve Assets, Adam4Eve, dothan, eve-scout, pathfinder etc. have their own access, stability, and legibility issues.

    If you haven't been playing EVE for ten years or more the barrier to entry is punishing. You are plankton, the skill cue is a hard barrier to progress and for those of us that do not wish to sell ourselves to a major corporation the only support you can find is the research that you do yourself. Having content, Missions, Exploration, solo friendly Faction Warfare (Such as the allegiance mechanic) is vital. We want to wreck the vets but the path is is twenty years thick with mud.

  3. Another great interview, and Steve definitely came across as a voice that would be very good to have on the CSM.

    Solo and high sec players definitely need and deserve to have someone giving a voice to the issues they face, and solo players definitely have a place in the game. Being a solo player in Eve does not mean you aren't being part of the wider community, you are still buying and selling on the market, producing resources and goods that other players can use or even simply being another player in space that you have to be aware of, either as a target for you or in case they are targeting you.