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#EVEEchoes #NewPlayerGuide #CaptainBenzie

News Encounters are an excellent way for new players to earn ISK as a combat pilot.

In today’s lesson, we look at how News Encounters and Commendations work, to help you earn more ISK!!

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  1. Bounty Commendations have led me to flying a very risky Raven Striker fit. Glass cannon and would get wrecked if it was jumped. I haven’t died yet in it, but I put myself in danger every time I undock it.

    I wish the maximum (50mil) was lower OR the bounty tick span was greater than 20 minutes.

  2. I fell off the wagon a few months back, and I'm so disconnected from everything as a T7 Alpha again.

    The bad news is as a vet I didn't learn much new. The good news is this video has shown I was on the right track to 'earning' my way back into Omega and possibly a Corp.

    The only dilemma left is if, with my struggle to keep omega active, if I should just bite the bullet and find a High Sec PVE Corp instead while I stabilise?

  3. I'm tech lvl 10, and have been doing bounties casually in my thrasher fleet issue in low sec, while waiting to see if anyone warps in to fight. And I didn't even know about condemnations, or how they worked until I now. I probably don't earn more than 10 bounties a week on average, but this will help. Thanks Benzie!

  4. Nice video. This definitely would help new players.
    But it's kinda sad that all encounters are so simple and similar to each other. They become boring after you cleared it several times. Especially non combat missions. To me, it looks like devs made them without putting much efforts into job.
    They can be much better if devs will make them closer to missions from EO.
    For example, make scan missions about searching through several systems and actually use scanners in order to find something in several randomly spawned mission sites. This would fit perfect for SOE story line. Or add some varieties into combat encounters. Like, instead of just "go to X and blow up everything" we'll need to protect some friendly ship from rats, or destroy one particularly strong rat without actual need to kill everyone. This would be much more interesting and make people actually pay attention to what they need to do.
    Hope devs will improve them in the near future

  5. I use cheap cruisers and destroyers to do T4/T5 specials in lowsec. I am not making billions of isk but if I can make even just 20m a day then my ship is in the profit and that is the kind of content I enjoy. I would love to see a series on cheapest ships that can do lowsec inqs. Keep up the great work Captain!

    Edit: the t5 angel inqs can actually get really hairy in a cheap cruiser

  6. When I do news missions there are 2 things I look for to be efficient, a high sec island( might get patched) or a system that gives missions for a nearby system. I personally do Perimeter/Faurent. If resetting in Perimeter you will get gallente missions in Faurent. If resetting in Faurent you will get caldari missions in Perimeter. It’s not the most efficient because of the 2 jumps in between, but each reset will provide between 3 and 7 missions in the opposite system. Hope this helps some people

  7. Having changed from an induatrialist to a combat pilot when industry began to litterally crash, coincidentally around the same time commendations went online was kinda cool. Made the change easier and sorta fated 😂
    Edit: im using a Machariel for highsec news, if i use all my modules whenever i can (gyros and tracking pcs) i can end an encounter secs before the tick but if i slip up a little bit i go from ~5M to ~3M. Im using strikes, u think with autos it would help me go faster?

  8. For those venturing the path of storyline running. You'll find advanced level/ T6-T7 to be your sweet spot. All but the special/gold missions, required to complete the series, will be located in hi security space 😃