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  1. Hauling alt or second character trained for hauling on same account is a wonderful thing… that made Facwar so much easier!!! Can't believe I have played without one for 5 years… When you see a deal for multi character training, get one… And make a hauling alt

  2. Great videos! I have come and gone in EvE since 2010. I love the game but for some reason it never sticks. I have been considering going back but now I have a family and a 12-hours-a-day job, so I am pretty doubtful it will work this time round, if it did not back when I actually had more time to devote 😐

  3. Great series! Your explanations and tips are clear and get straight to the point. Just what I needed to get back into EVE.

    Your channel won't stay underrated for long, that's for sure. Good job, well done.

  4. so could someone decide they want to mine and get into industry, building ships to sell as a career? I hope to make a couple friends to help and be support arms for this endeavor

  5. PvP gankers are low life, panty waste, RL cowards that hide in their parents basements. It really makes one weigh whether to play a particular game or not. I HATE PvP and much prefer a game that has that game play as an OPTION, not a requirement or standard way of play.

  6. Good to hear this. I’m new to Pc altogether and this is one game I’m really getting into. I’ve done the 5 exploration tutorials. With the gas, relic and data areas. But that was it. I was sat at the docking station thinking, now what? As there’s nothing else to do. 😅

  7. I struggled so much with this I ended up quitting. I tried asking and looking around and I couldn't even find a weapon progression for whatever attack type I would pick. I don't want to spend a month skilling hybrids to be told to go missiles and then rail gun's and back to missiles… There is a serious lack of skilling lists and ship progression for a chosen weapon type. Exploring, hauling and mining is very straight forward, but combat felt like shit to me because of progression. Not to mention when asking for help u get a fit and ur damage is 1/3 the dmg u a meant to do to even be able to do what u were suggested to do. Thinking about getting into it again, but I just won't if I can't find proper progression lists.