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Join me today as I bring out the most expensive condor II interceptor in all of New Eden, risking it all in my new series to get ONE kill in every single system.

This is apart of the “One kill rules them all” series where I venture in a 3b valued Condor Interceptor and get ONE kill in every single system in Eve Echoes. These “zones” will progressively get harder as we make our way from low-sec to null-sec

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  1. Jesus Christ, 3.5b? Now that is an expensive ship mate XD. The interceptors 2 are scary good, especially your type of fits. Nice video, o7 😀
    Would you put a WCO IV whenever they come out? Just in case you get scrammed, you wont lose a 3.5b isk ship?

  2. Aahhhh…. It’s a kill per zone & move on, not a kill per system.

    I was going to say, this seemed like a VERY ambitious challenge before that first kill. Imagine trying to get a kill in every single losec & nulsec system? It’d take years lol

  3. Love that stuff man!
    Started roaming in my Arbi cov ops in low sec…
    80% have stabs… even on trainers…
    had to bump a caracal 2x in a "fight" coz he managed to escape before with the stabs…
    Need to upgrade to a cov ops 2!

    Fly dangerous! o7

  4. I’m curious if the B-type ballistic is worth 1.5 bill. I’ve triple WCOd a Condor II and it’s only topped 2 bill with the vet core…? Also, highly recommend swapping a bay loading for a warhead rigor. Drop the dps a bit but you’ll get better application on drones and frigs. 🤷‍♂️ It’s worth a shot.