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What happens when you take the EVE graphics engine and graphics, and recombine them into something completely different? Just how far can you get using only existing EVE assets and some Python code? One such experiment will be shown at Fanfest, and this presentation reveals how it was made.

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  1. IMHO we playing AAA futuristic space shooter and you want to sell us some retro crap for 16 yo iphoners ?? No I wish to play a game of tomorrow, so move your lazy asses and do what you doing good -_-

  2. 1. we want to play a space shoter, not the games you play on the toilet.
    2. why iphone and not android? Android has more users, and considering that eve palyers are above average intelligence, that sway would even more.
    3. Python is good, just dont ever mix it with Flash, that will result in disaster. been there…..