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Attila Szantner, MMOS
CCP Scarpia, Game Design Director, EVE Online

The EVE Team is working with the Swiss startup Massively Multiplayer Online Science (MMOS) and Reykjavik University on the potential of bringing real world science into the EVE game experience. Hear about how you can solve scientific problems in proteomics, malaria diagnosis or exoplanet research, and join the roundtable discussions to give us your feedback.

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  1. after finding a way to integrate it into eve, my guess is that the hardest part would be to rate a result of the minigame and reward the player for succeeding or not. Since those are all problems which are hard to solve for computers, my guess is that it also implies that computers would have a hard time to see the difference between a player hitting random buttons and a player giving his/her best to solve the minigame.

    but i could be wrong

  2. Since you're revamping Datacore spawning, this is an ideal time to introduce some of the mechanics into the game!

    1) Put Galaxy Zoo into the game
    2) Whoever solves a problem, generates some Datacores
    3) Keep the rate of Datacore spawning consistent – if fewer players participate, each will earn more cores, and if too many players participate, there will be fewer cores per task
    4) Free market balances itself out

    Of course, you would probably want some other source of Datacores as well in case Galaxy Zoo is unavailable – this would be a good side-activity to actively generate cores, not the main ways of obtaining it.

  3. First, I would love to do this.  Seriously.  The most simple thing is add a mini-game that gives some form of LP or usable product.  An active part of creating a thing in game.  You need to do 10 slides to manufacture a component for a ship.Much better then just waiting time.  

  4. This would be great. LP for skins, special edition ships, and modules would be the way to go – as long as core gameplay wasn't affected, I'd say this would bring A LOT to our game. 🙂

  5. This sounds amazing! Being a Registered Nurse going back to be a Practitioner I love cellular biology and am fascinated with studying the human body on a cellular level. Putting a science lab in "walking in stations" would be fun, perhaps the more images looked at the less time one has to spend on building items? I will pass this on to my SLYCE alliance!!! XD