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Spanky Ikkala

This seminar looks at the theory and doctrine behind modern global warfare and encourages participants to question how much of it is appropriate to wars in EVE Online. We discuss strategy and analyse the thinking of two key figures (Clausewitz and Sun Tzu) and apply their lessons to EVE Online in order to identify how we can look deeper into EVE warfare than merely the tactical levels of killing ships and pods. – Spanky Ikkala, EVE University

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  1. I gotta say, the comparison between sun tzu and Clausewitz ideas of politics in war isn't all that contradictory, Clausewitz said that war is a political tool, sun tzu said, once war starts, politics steps back so the soldier can fight.

    but once that war is over, politics comes back, and gets what it wanted.

    so putting those together, Politician decides. to war it is, tells the army, Go. conquer our enemy, then steps back, army wins the war, comes back, politics takes from the enemy what they wanted.

    War itself is from politics, but fought by the army.

    it fits rather well together in my head 🙂

  2. correct me if im wrong because i don't play eve, but why blobbing? is it just because nobody knows how to fight so they take a brute force approach? or is it this influenced by other factors?

    If you do exercises and establish a command and communication structure you could quite easily coordinate a much more organized and effective force. For instance, (assuming weapon range isn't a huge limiting factor) you could have a windowed 3d grid arranged so that the strongest ships are closest to the enemy and weaker ships are protected, but still able to fire. If the target(s) shift you'd have to communicate the change into a slight alteration to the formation.

    After establishing this, you can build of this base to enable very complex maneuvers and targeting to more efficiently disable your enemy. For instance flanking, which in space would probably be most effective from underneath. so a large force would engage at at the front and then the flanking force would, from the rear of the large force, travel down until out of the opposing force's possible view and then appoach at the opposing forces bottom.

  3. You don't dock up when a crow enters the system because you can't kill the crow, but because you don't know if you can kill the crow quickly enough to avoid the inevitable gank squad that's waiting on the other side of the gate.