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WOLFPACK10 takes a look in to the life of a fleet commander, how FCing has impacted daily life and what demands higher level FCing puts on a player.
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  1. I wonder how this guy makes money in real life. Because honestly, he seems like he would not hold a job or anything like that if he bails all his responsibilities to lead a fleet. It's two years later and I wonder if he is even alive. Shit sounds like it's killing him.

  2. I feel that not enough effort is put into actually developing new fc's tbvh with many self proclaimed 'fleet commanders' simply logging in and taking control and others simply put into that position because they asked or because they have a titan.
    Ive seen many bad fleet commanders….. burning into long range nano gangs with brawl fits or bubbling up interceptors or simply just diving into an attack without listening to whether the logi or ceptor wing is ready or has provided proper intel (que "theres a gatecamp here.. lots of frigs" misses the stuff on dscan or the several recons ongrid…)

  3. This is why I play eve. This is why I don't play Eve. The time suck dialation. You guys are hard corp players. And I love it. I want to be a back bone of it to a corp… But im divorced, work 3 jobs, and as much as i suck..( dont look at eve time for character)..i have maybe 4 months total, real time game play since 2015. I love eve, i hate eve. Lol. Beautiful time suck to gain little.

  4. it should ALL be broken down.. info escalates up, bullshit rolls down. sounds like he was getting every ones tidbit of information. he should have only 3 or 4 people below him, for comms, and each person another 4 or 5 below for comms, and etc, etc…. he has unnecessary info over load. 5 star generals don't look at wtf a private is doing in any fucking world.

  5. He is a control freak and really dose not know how to lead with out having his hand in everything its a must for him . The one reason is how young he is he has not leaned how to delegate authority among the players under him . One person can not do it all you have to give up some to gain alot in managing weather its a fleet or in real life .

  6. To be honest, i don't feel like he was complaining, or like he was whining about how being a fleet commander affects his life, he's just trying to provide a point of view of what will happen to US, to YOU if you become one, from his experience, he's not saying how to strategize and how you should be playing, nor what you should use . He's displaying a taste of the responsibility it comes with, and how your dedication and vigor for the game will weigh on your life. This can be for any other game as well, not just EVE Online. You would think "its just a game, don't let it affect you that much, say no, or just quit from it." but that's the opposite a team leader would do, and the kind of mentality that pushes you away from being an effective fleet commander. You have to be willing to learn how to adapt, and shape it to where you can handle your game time, your prepping and coordination, imagine trying to organize hundreds of soldiers, and they're all just as human we are, prepping for war and needing guidance from their fleet commander, only to be told "sorry i had a late shift, I'm too tired we gotta put the battle off for another day." Hell no, that's not acceptable, and he's trying to portray that out to people, it will not nor ever be easy to be a fleet commander, but when he explained the battle, the time they warped onto people at a stargate and it was just endless 3 min of combat, and drama, he had excitement in his tone when he said it. Those battles must be amazing, and absolutely focus-driven fun, and hell to manage at that. i am just starting off my first time here, and i just had to warp drive out of a 4 man free for all like a little pussy before i died, and even thought i almost died and had no idea how to defeat my opponent it was fun as hell. i could only imagine the satisfaction of winning a battle with 300 people under my wing, and with my command seeing victory, it must be really worth it in the long run if you have a real passion for this game. i feel people missed the detail of what he had to do, the planning and shaping of schedules to make sure he handled his responsibilities in life, and managed to shape time around his day to day life to keep his skills as an FC adequate, and that is what is lacking with a lot of people in not just this game, but any other. it's what separates us in ranked divisions, skill, and can lead to how we enjoy the game experience. I don't know if I'd be a good FC, but I'd say to live a day as one, for one mission would be worth it. GG

  7. To all the people commenting negatively on this guy's lifestyle or whatever; mind your own business. The man said he finds something good in it and still enjoys doing what he does. Nobody is holding up a gun to his head. And to you people trying desperately to shame him for being so dedicated to his hobby which happens to be a videogame; you sound like highscool kids trying to boost their own egos by making fun of other people. Personally, I could never invest this much time of my life into such a demanding hobby, but I find this guy somewhat inspiring for being so passionate about it.

  8. A typical case of : hear me talk beeing great and the best you can get, slowly my life is spiralling out of control but hey in this game i`m the greatest. All his sighs all his depressed ways in his conversation tells me this guy is done for in life and has not much more then EvE.