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CCP Rise, CCP Fozzie, and CCP Larrikin discuss the development and balance of ships and modules in EVE Online
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  1. I don't know if they read this but a ship that is made just for recording video from a big fight. Also not effected by the time die. Would make great video for eve and YouTube.

  2. Dafaq, easy answer to your last question there, just make the tier 3 battleships (rokh, abaddon, hyperion, maelstrom) have T2 flagship bonuses, basically a ton of tank and like, 4% fleet bonuses or something (though 4% may actually break the game)

  3. Fuck the new carriers, u cant roam around in a small fleet of 20 anymore. u will be dropped on by 3 carriers instalocking and instakilling even ceptors moving at 7k ms.

    love what they are trying to do but in some regions its destroying small gang pew pew, the one with most caps will just use carriers to win every engagement

    The new carrier mod is a do over