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Welcome to A Game of Holes: Year 9 at EVE Fanfest 2018! This an EVE Online Wormhole space recap player presentation by ExookiZ.

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  1. i'm pretty disappointed that they didn't stream you and didn't put you in a good slot. they streamed STREAMERS for nearly all of thursday…as if that was anything to write home about…

    its sad, and your numbers show its not warranted at all.

  2. My corp :"holy hunter" died because of me but it was a awsome year over all. For all of those who have been in my corp, for those who knew us or for those who we fought, I wanna say thank you for being wormholers. It was amazing and I kinda miss it. FYI, IM Kiven FOster

    I can't believe we're on this screen for how small we were:35characters max. We were hella active 🙂