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The EVE Keynote hosted by CCP Burger, EVE Online Creative Director, where he is joined by several developers to take a look at the past and present of New Eden, and maybe even a little glimpse into the future. Start playing EVE for free at http://EVE.Online/Fly_Now

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  1. 8:33 eve is not unique, not fascinating and I have no attachment to a profile pic of those random players. Not to mention it's predictable, and also there isn't a multitude of paths seeing as your obsessed with forcing us into PvP combat and nothing else.

  2. 17:25 that's the neat part you don't do anything cause it's paywalled. A lot of that stuff is paywalled. Not to mention the countless days and months and years just to do it at all wasted. You want to keep new players it's not about awareness, it's accessibility and fun that is lacking in those things.

  3. I dont think CCP and I are playing the same game. They seem to be completely delusional to the reality of my player experience. Eve used to be a pvp game and now its structure bashing, npcs and pve. fakuCCP.

  4. 1:07:44 I have never felt like I belonged, never felt like anything I did mattered and left no lasting mark. The game was boring grind fest and still is. What's even the point when you're actions are meaningless. What point is there if you cannot have a permanent relatively safe home, how can I gain any attachments when as soon as I get something it's taken away by greedy nullseccers, nullcorps and alliances. Who would play a game to be a permanent vagrant what incentive do I have to continue when destruction fetishists keep getting their way.

  5. this game needs cowboy bebop theme. i just played it 2-3 months f2p in a corp salvaging their wrecks in low. but more jobs needed. being gambler, politician, insurer, banker, loan shark, estate agent also a part of todays capitalizm

  6. 144 likes a day after…. wow. An official channel with 121k subs for a game that used to have the most steadfast playerbase in Eve…. and you can't even get 150 likes/ore 110 comments on your FIRST KEYNOTE BACK SINCE THE PLANDEMI…. Pandemic….. How far you have fallen.

    7:50 'I feel like I'm constantly evolving in Eve online, and now, for one small payment of 12.99, I can evolve even faster into the next ship class and cut out the boring old stuff of learning how to fly the ship class I currently have.'

  7. I played EvE for 14 years, and This was the weirdest fanfest ever, felt very uncomfy to watch. The " what "we are going to do graphics and implementations shown should have already been in the game a year ago. When they mentioned that if you give eve player s a stick they will make a bicycle, Were still holding the same stick and you keep showing the bicycle.

  8. One thing i hope CCP will get their hands on soon, is the overall feel of depth in Space and around your Ship in every Planet-System you play in and visit. In the "New Player Experience" at the start of the game, after the cinematic, there is so much more depth and easy to grasp scale in terms of your ship vs. the space and objects around you, that everything after this feels flat and empty.. appart from Stations with Planets and Moons in the Background, there is not much else that makes you see and feel that depth and scale of the NPE. Why not show more debris, sattelites, traveling streams of small aircrafts between Stations and the orbited Planet or other nearby scenery around the Station, like some form of infra structure that makes you feel like you are traveling in populated planetary systems?

    Everything, every Object feels just too focused on the points you jump at. There is not much else around it. After a few career-Missions, where you warp to giant, impressive meteorites and similar objects, you just can't ignore that there is something off about it! Nothing else is vissible in the visinity. For me, this kills exploration! You have nothing to see in the distance, just out of reach, that makes you think "What could be over there? It looks cool from affar!". On the first NPE Screen you could spend possible hours to fly around and check out everything that is on screen, it motivates!

    I understand the reason for the existence of objects around Missions in terms of gameplay, you need some kind of focus-point for the Player to give him more orientation. But the lack of any objects away from these focus points, very quickly exposes them as uninteresting scenery that you can simply ignore.

  9. CCP is now a company of cheap tricks and glitter and has long ago forgotten it's base. They continually focus on constant re-balancing, silly useless events, and constant giveaways of gifts and skill points in order to keep the new players thinking they are making progress, while simultaneously strangling the game by their lack of vision for game play improvements and supporting massive groups that have nothing but their own self interests at heart rather than the evolution of the game. Ever wonder why Burn Jita is such a hit ? Because burning down the pile of … is the only way the veteran player base can get their kicks.

  10. Speaking as Game Producer here and as EVE player, i will reveal something clear to me as is about having massive inbound of new players and why it does not happening atm and will not happen, unless you do something that you are already capable of pulling off in a less then a year of time which is : Instance an empty EVE on a set of servers where everyone starts from scratch and where no one can use any third party tools(which is if using, for any player that will join to play simple as – Cheating! It is in a fact cheating, only way when using third party services stops being cheating is if you also start using it so no one have adventage over you, however thats your biggest problem on gaining new players(which are old players being in a first place 10 years ahead of a new players in game knowledge, in isk, in amount of third party tools they are using as a main issue where new player does not want to hear about it)). What player want to do is to play the game from within a game, and not from an excel sheet – we talk about your average player, people like me. And joining those old players means nothing to me what most it bothers me since im forced using third party websites , forced camping on discord and so forth < thats equal as me trying to take simple meal and there is this guy requesting from me to hold my fork as he wants and that i take a bite of my own meal when he wants and before i start eating i am absolutelly obligated to register in most cases before i eat and i am obligated to be on my phone while i am trying to eat on his own way- and yet i am the one who is trying eating. Its absurd hidious "slave a like / a prisoner" experience for me(and this must be the same for 90+ percent of the new players) as a new player playing like that and yet if i dont do it i have absolutely 0 chances doing anything out of any similar impact in the game as the old player and his corp can(do not assume that as a new player that i am happy about having absurdly small rewards and that i am happy gaining those thru exploration or minning, assume that as new player i want to build my own huge corp, fly most expensive ships, conquer < that sounds exciting, however what i have now as a new player is here and there hitting 20 mill isk, loosing the same quite often and thats it what i get, quite not exciting/game apears DEAD compeltelly to new player-why?Simple: as new player i want big things, exciting things. As the new player join he can see all of those exciting things next to him, here is this huge ship flying next to him, it costs 12 bill isk, and yet new player for a whole month didnt move from his starting balance of isk, i personally slammed about 500e and have decent knowledge of the game-guess what guys-game is dead end for me against my efforts to play it, 0 chance doing anything of any impact to myself or to others). Only chance for having a sea of new players actually continuing playing the game is if you guys create this empty universe for us where we stand a chance playing as we like and allowing us to grow there , and doors are open in that case for cool most massive ever destructions since no one can jump into our universe but we can jump into existing EVE universe and once we do we can not go back to ours. This way only strong new players and their corporations will be able to invade a single spot(screw triglavians <3 ahahha how about new players doing it – triglavins helped tho since they was loosing hehe) and cause the massive wars. Best of all new players could hold some new tech(here and there) that upon desctruction leave unique never seen before buffs to existing EVE tech(this way destruction is guarantied, this "old EVE" will be hunting the "new EVE", as invading was not enough provocating), so even if new player did come in a friendly manner he is a sweet loot (but thats fine, the guy played the game for 1 or next 10 years before jumping into "old EVE" he is happy to die) < there is planty of mechanics to be abused here by the "Old EVE" players, but im not here to design any of this, this is a simple logical suggestion. New players CAN play the Existing EVE, but they CANT NOT enjoy it in a sense that will make them keep playing since either they end up in a slave a like environment of a some corp that takes the game too seriously(which is quite every corp) either they end up with no isk and nothing to do or making miniscule absurd small amounts of isk that does nothing and only nothing toward achieving those great exciting things! Re-consider what is exciting for a new player since current awarenes about it is absolutely off, and i understand that current EVE can not adapt to it – so… make new one? Clash them eventually once everyone had a chance doing a great things – so then we clash and make majestic fights. And lets say new players win and conquer the "OLD EVE" , well thats fine, there is this ever present new EVE universe that always is producing the trouble for the static swamp of isk and security that current corporations are living surrounded by. It is a self correcting loop that never stops and makes the Eve active again (its a swamp currently where everyone just gathering forces for sake of gathering forces). This new Universe will allow you guys to adjust the in-game balance without hurting the old players as it can sometimes be the case. Big respect to the CCP game devs , you pulled crazy stuff with EVE and this keynote was great, i think your fans are not even aware how much efforts you guys presented there(only a video game developer would realize) , i liked all of those changes, great stuff, it confuses my head how you guys manage to even balance the whole freeking thing in a first place not to mention all other work + the new quite huge changes, big respect to the team!

  11. I saw nothing worth re-subbing my unsubbed accounts for, and no reason to reinstall the game. See you guys on Reddit – I'll be checking in there every 6 months or so to see if there's any reason to come back. Otherwise I'll remain offlined. – JackBeLucky