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Where is everybody? Max Singularity talks about the science behind why we don’t see intelligent alien beings in New Eden, and the Milky Way Galaxy too I EVE Invasion World Tour –

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  1. Suddenly comments section looks like stupidity fest, not eve online fanbase.
    Nothing new or interesting in the video, too.

    Not surprising that official videos of a game with thousands of players get just couple hundreds of views.
    hashtag getbackCCPGuard.

  2. @Max Singularity – you probably won't read this, but if you do and you have a second here is a question!

    you mentioned that it makes sense that we would hear from someone via their radio signals. but what about the inverse square law and how it effects signal strength over distance. most importantly, space is loud: there are natural phenomena that create EM noise in every frequency and at power levels that dwarf the energy expended by our entire history combined.

    the inverse square law would render these signals indistinguishable from the cosmic noise in just a few short light years. in short, in order for us to hear them with a form of EM radiation – they would have to be practically on top of us.

    there could be billions of living and thriving civilizations all broadcasting their version of TV and radio, and those signals will be undetectable, likely in just a couple of light years.

    i think the great filter is misleading, because we're simply not able to hear all that is out there. what do you think?

  3. He`s not alone, you aren't alone, I'm not alone…. i have never been a Carl Sagan fan. But credit it due, on this mote speck of dust in a sun beam. Every king/ queen, royal, civilian, peon…every person, every, birthday i have ever, and will know. Right here on earth. Have fun, but be kind. Your online enemies are often good friends.

  4. Yawning, that was a long road to get to no where. I wonder what the Drake equation comes up with when you point it at all the zones life operates in in our biosphere. Microbes 🦠 under ground, life on the deep ocean floor around volcanic thermal vents, and life forms adapted to each layer of the oceans.

    Perhaps the biggest reason why so many want to desperately hold on to a barren universe concept is the seemingly damned human need to be “special”. Yes in the vastness of space those dice 🎲 only rolled out in the required sequence here for us. It is just insufferable arrogance!

    The same odds that say getting the proper sequence when the dice 🎲 are rolled are difficult say that rolling that sequence ten hundred trillion billion billion times is not impossible either, and the size(space), and time(age)of the observable universe is big enough and old enough to accommodate it.

    Because we currently lack the technology to scan enough of space to see where everyone is at does not mean no one is there.

    Please get over yourself. We are all indeed special enough without being alone, you have never seen me yet I assure you I exist. You are not alone in New Eden or in the Milky Way. Welcome 🙏 to the ranks of intelligent life in our universe.

  5. There are no aliens, and there never will be. Thanks EVE for not including something in my space game, that is not out there in space. And if you are still a die hard atheist, and believe that this all just happened without some intelligence nudging things along, even after the Big Bang, or the point of initializing creation. Then I'm sorry to be the one to tell you that you are ignorant, and should probably actually think about, instead or parroting back the most common responses. Because if you can call anything God, then call the laws of physics your God. It created you, it influences all you do see and know, and it is governed by some very absolute laws. So anyone that claims to be an atheist, is claiming to be one ignorant MF in my book. That denies the obvious. And yes, there is absolutely an intelligence that created all, may not be Budah, or Allah. But it is definitely not something that just happened, and keeps happening, on a sub and atomic level, nevermind throughout the universe as a whole. Laws are not something that are created by anarchy or chaos, they are first of all created, and second have a purpose. Nevermind the entire chain that leads to your consciousness to have the ability to realize this, or deny it. But regardless, it is what it is. Like it or not, accept it or deny it, these laws are ever present, and if nothing else, that is your God. And aliens, in a higher intelligence sense, are just not present, it's that simple. So congratulations, you've won the cosmic lottery, in more ways than you could ever comprehend, for just merely existing.

  6. That was beautiful and I thank you. Thank goodness someone linked it on Facebook or I might never have seen it. I am moved and yet inspired by your passion for the community. I'm 58 and often get cynical about what is happening within the game. This has acted like an adrenaline shot. Thanks again and Fly Safe Sir.

  7. EvE is brutal and nasty and it needs incredible characaters like MS to make it come alive. Love watching MS's videos, they really fill in the game's lore and make it feel just a more immersive. Great stuff! Personally I think we're alone, as feeling , thinking, emotional beings we hate the idea we might be the only ones but given the huge "rolls of dice" required to set things in just the right way it's not looking good. However to me that's just the best reason to try to make the best of our unique position.