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  1. You can tell these guys have put a lot of time into this, I just got it today, just getting used to scanning and so on, keep getting low level deds lvl 1 when scanning so had to keep getting my frigate to run those. I’m probably doing something wrong lol

    Thank you for this.

  2. i have lvl 4 & 5 skills for my ishtar, and im hella sad that it CANNOT keep up with this…….ishtar build beeing 2.1 BILLION……as a heavy assault cruiser, versus this….400MILLIOM beast……
    weird how this game works……..i feel robbed…………………..

    BTW ; again, amazing video im watching all of your videos currently LOL

  3. Followed the guide with the Hecate… Liked it a lot and for 2 weeks I made a little over 1bill… Tho it is a little frustrating having this results, while completing everything, maybe there is a luck part involved somewhere…

  4. Hey @BonkersY2K I been in null sec fighting for 10-12 years from stain to delve to drones and I’m just tired of it, looking for a change u think DeD is fun to do do you all do different stuff and hi sec pvp ? And do u all have a recruitment for ur corp ? Let me know mate, thanks

  5. I've been running for a few days (many many consecutive hours) now with this fit and have only managed to pull like 90mil in loot and a few blueprints. This has prompted a few questions.

    1. What do you do when an escalation wants you to go to lowsec? I avoid it like the plague.
    2. Which faction space generally yields better returns? (Jita pricing i guess)
    3. When you get blueprints, what do you do with them, sell them outright or build the item? (neither really sound profitable, for example, the mid-grade hydra implants themselves are worth a good bit, but the blueprints are worth almost nothing)

  6. Do you use any implants? cuz im currently training to use this fit and i seem to have everything trained to equip the fit, but it tells me i don't have enough CPU, i have lvl 5 cpu management and lvl 5 weapon upgrades and still says i have -7.6/475 CPU.

  7. So that's the way to do optimisation for one person. We currently doing this site's as a group.. one or two newer player and two older.. now we search for the best way to do… One should do scanning with the astero.. but the others two/three people .. i can do logi and drones good the other do have basic skills … Any suggestions?

  8. Completely new to eve online and i started using these guides and they are amazing. Just one question tho, is there a way to get the Overview that is used in the video? i'm using the basic one and its terrible

  9. Hey everyone! i'm new to this and i got my first escalation "True Power Shipyards" and when i go on the wiki it tells me that the last part is in low sec, are all the escalations like that or can some only stay in high sec? and is it worth to go to low sec for them?