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What’s the difference between high security space and low sec?
This brief beginner’s guide provides an overview of what you can expect to see in low security space.

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  1. shoot someone else's pod can be anything even webbing/warpdis/scram/painting (so basically anything ewar) – also you will get a kill right (unless you're under limited engagement, say if the other player shoots back to defend themselves? i forget the exact details)

  2. 7:00 if you have a weapons timer, and you get pointed at an upwell, the only way to dock is if you have a active warp core stab (and the enemy has less than 2 points) … might want to add that a common mistake by carebears in low is to forget to turn off their porpoise (and heaven forbid, orca) command bursts which give a weapons timer. derp.

    which is different than an npc station where you can dock regardless as long as your weapons timer cools down. it gets alot of people confused.

  3. This guide was very interesting, a lot of useful informations. And I really like the way you explain all this, you're a good teacher MacGybo… Thanks for sharing these valuable informations. Looking forward to seeing you ingame again… 😃