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I talk a bit about the lack of PVE content I’ve been experiencing as of lately.

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EVE Online in 4k 60fps !

EVE Online is a community-driven spaceship MMO where players can play free, choosing their own path from countless options.

Experience space exploration, immense PvP and PvE battles and a thriving player economy in an ever-expanding sandbox.

Participate in many in-game professions and activities, including war, politics, piracy, trading, and exploration, across 7,000 star systems with hundreds of thousands of other players.


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  1. Totally agree! I'm a father of 3 and I've been farming abyss since I've started playing eve. I tried missions, tried mining and tried a bunch of stuff but nothing seemed to come close to the abyss. Nothing is has challenging and rewarding as the abyss on the pve side of things. And since im relatively new to eve (playing less than a year) pve is my primary focus, it helps in learning the game. So ya, I'm all for new pve content!

  2. I think everyone agrees. But compared to other MMOs eve is not really a teampark mmo like Wow. Adding just more dungeons would be nice but it would turn in to more of a thempark mmo. But adding pve stuff that is different like its own system (or a system that interacts with other in game systems) it opens up new doors. Revamping missions would be a good step forward but then we would complete those and move on and run out of missions again. Long lasting systems like the abyss (but something different) over ultra repetative missions. Work it in with the new FW stuff for all I know. We want to make a difference in New Eden with our pve.

  3. New player as of 3 months here. Eve is amazing and beautiful BUUUT already after 10m skillpoints the lack of PVE content makes me burn out. All it is Scan down this, shoot that, loot that. We need more missions with long stories like COSMOS/epic arcs but with better rewards and more stuff to do in wormholes imo. it’s a shame since the potential of this game is huge, I hope CCP gets their stuff together soon before the game dies

  4. Great Video, and I agree with all you've said. Beside Eve Online my other favorite Game is Albion Online. It is somehow Eve Online on Fantasy and I must say how the Developer combined PVE/PVP into the World is something I really would love to see in Eve Online, too…. at least some parts of it. Check it out.

  5. I agree 100%. However, since Eve was sold, the only new content you'll see is store items. They'll throw out a few bones here and there, but they are rapidly turning Eve into a skins sales center. Then pay to win will come along. Mark my words, every game they touch turns into a sales center with pay-to-win and poorly developed expansions.

  6. I am a on/off eve player and what you said is right especially with agent security missions.

    PVE needs to be completely rebuilt. The agent security missions are dated with repetition and need to be overhauled and i think procedural generation is the way to go as it keeps things fresh and exciting.

    There could also be daily events where players group to attack a pirate npc operating base or titan/capital ships like the borg mothership in Star trek online.

    Probably wishful thinking, but im just as fustrated as everyone else cause EVE still has so much potential.

  7. Preach. If you aren't into PvP, EVE is pretty unchanged. I don't count the odd seasonal or special events, as most are really kind of silly. Give us real, substantive changes, new missions, real rewards and make them across the universe, not just in high sec or low sec. Give everyone who pays for their accounts, their money's worth. Not just those who plex their accounts.
    I don't care for Abyss, I think they are just as boring as the rest of PvE, with the add risk of losing your ship with a simple disconnection. How about more Exploration and Industry. Just expand the game, stop witht the events and give us real content.

  8. if an honest survey was made of every player still in EVE Online, we'd see the good majority of players primarily doing PvE (in spite of all the obnoxiously loud squeaky wheels getting the limelight). take faction warfare for example. a handful of players, truly a small niche aspect of the game (which used to be even smaller by percentage before so many casual players left), sit and whine on social media and suddenly ccp is bending over backwards to make faction warfare meet their needs. same with null corp changes made to shift game balance away from the majority and to the whiney few racking in real cash off of corps slaves. ccp never understood (or cared about) the concept of sandbox or what the majority of their players cared about. for ccp/pa, it's all about screwing us all out of a few more pennies and lying to us to keep us around (until we're not).

  9. As a returning player after a 2 year hiatus, I have to completly agree. My 2 cents, PvE needs more gruop play type stuff, maybe dungeon type activities without worrying players are just going to blow u up for the lols. Also, systems to dip your toes into pvp without the repercussions. Its not only about all the complexity of engaging in pvp depending on the system security, its also getting back your fit together, traveling 15 jumps to different locations to get back to ur base, then you are missing one of the modules which is 5 jumps away… perhaps pre packaged ships for a price tornaument for 5 vs 5 battles.

  10. Agree with you. I'm only new, so still all the Abyss content to work through, but I'm looking and wondering – what else/next? The mission agents are dull, and there's limited motivation to get into some other activities. Without being 'fully on' in pvp areas, then there aren't many options available.

  11. EVE's staple PVE content is based on a 2003 model and while it was amazing in it's day the game needed to move forward, not just with it's content but the engine itself.
    Cosmos was flawed from the start and is regarded by CCP as being so low quality now it's not even advertised in-game.
    Sansha's Incursion content could have been expanded e.g Faction Warfare and so much more, but didn't and saw no substantial iteration after balance passes.
    The Triglavian Invasion has ended for at least another couple of years, who knows what state it'll be in if it comes back at all. You've no idea how many new players, veteran ice miners, mission runners and builders were joining fleets and getting into PVP for the 1st time by engaging with that content. CCP didn't even think it would be all that popular, their words.
    Resource Wars looked like a great idea but, rewards were so poorly executed everyone stopped after 1 week and CCP response to the CSM was it wasn't going to be developed further when the players don't participate [internal politics & blaming the client both proudly on display there].
    Abyss was great but like all the above, it's not seeing enough dev time to unlock it's potential.
    CCP asks for trust and $$$ but these days both are in short supply.

    Personally, I just dabble in the events and Abyss now because I DON'T HAVE TIME with my job and commitments. I don't want to get rich quick, I also want to have some chill FUN to unwind, and if the Corp is running a PVP fleet in the time window I'm available I'll jump in that too, but the content drought is real.
    I don't think they've the talent to realise the player base isn't in college anymore and they're not replacing us fast enough with their abysmal retention figures. 1+ million people checked out eve online this year….. WOOT!11!!11 Where are those people?
    The world was trapped in their own homes and 95% still QUIT in their 1st DAY, most not even getting that far, they'll do anything except play eve-online.
    I love eve-online but not the company, and already voted with my wallet.

  12. missions got ruined when people can scan your mission and mess it up by coming in them. I stopped doing them because of it as i have aspergers and liked the routine of it but people coming in to mess it up started to become to happen a lot :(. The doctor who event was fun as nobody could come in and ruin it for mee 🙂

  13. You hit the nail on the head. EVE is a "hardcore pvp game". I run L4s solo and tinker with ship fits for fun, but the reality is, PVE player are not the target audience. I'd argue that PVE is simply the easiest way for PVP players to use their alts to supply their mains.

  14. A large-scale overhaul of the agent and mission system has been due for over a decade. There's a lot of deep lore and genuinely good gameplay with the old systems, especially with COSMOS missions. Them implementing the RNG dungeon system of abyssals with randomizing the spawns and towers is a great place for them to start, along with more efficient tactics with the rats.

    The biggest issue though, is reorganizing the LP store so each of the npc corporations have at least 1 unique item. Every NPC corp should have a niche to give people a reason to farm them, and there's a lot of work that needs to go into that to make that system a reality.