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EVE Online Veteran Returns is a Video Series about an EVE player who returns after more than 6 years to try the Gameplay Experience in 2021. The Gameplay Videos will include tips and tricks for beginners of Eve Online 🕹 You can find out more in the Description 👇

EVE Online – A Veteran Returns is a commented Gameplay Video Series with many tips and tricks for beginners in New Eden.
The Video series includes the “New Player Experience”, “Mission Running”, “Mining” and more.

00:00 – 01:00 Intro
01:00 – 04:40 Caracal Fitting Missile Launchers
04:40 – 07:55 Caracal Fitting Afterburner
07:55 – 10:50 Caracal Fitting Shield Hardener
10:50 – 13:30 Caracal Fitting Shield Amplifier
13:30 – 16:20 Caracal Fitting Shield Shield Extender
16:20 – 19:10 Caracal Fitting Balistic Control System
19:10 – 24:50 Caracal Fitting Rigs Medium Core Defense Field Purger
24:50 – 27:00 Caracal Fitting Power Diagnostic System
27:00 – 29:35 Caracal Fitting Shield Power Relay
29:35 – 34:48 Explanations

🎮 Information about the Game:
Title: EVE Online
Genre: Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game
Developer: CCP Games
Publisher: Pearl Abyss
Plattforms: Microsoft Windows, macOS
Youtube-Tags: #eveonline, #eveonlineguide, #eveonlinegameplay, #eveonlinetutorial

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Playlist 1 Eve Online – A Veteran Returns:

Playlist 2 Let’s Play Eve Online (German) Staffel 1:

Playlist 3 Let’s Play Eve Online (German) Staffel 2:

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📖 Wikipedia:
Eve Online is a space-based, persistent world Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game (MMORPG) developed CCP Games. Players of Eve Online can participate in a number of in-game professions and activities, including mining, piracy, manufacturing, trading, exploration, and combat (both player versus environment and player versus player). The Game contains a total of 7,800 star systems that can be visited by players.
The Game is renowned for its scale and complexity with regards to player interactions – in its single, shared game world, players engage in unscripted economic competition, warfare, and political schemes with other players. The Bloodbath of B-R5RB, a battle involving thousands of players in a single star system, took 21 hours and was recognized as one of the largest and most expensive battles in gaming history. Eve Online was exhibited at the Museum of Modern Art with a video including the historical events and accomplishments of the player base.
Eve Online was released in North America and Europe in May 2003. It was published from May to December 2003 by Simon & Schuster Interactive, after which CCP purchased the rights and began to self-publish via a digital distribution scheme. On January 22, 2008, it was announced that Eve Online would be distributed via Steam. On March 10, 2009, the Game was again made available in boxed form in stores, released by Atari, Inc. In February 2013, Eve Online reached over 500,000 subscribers. On November 11, 2016, Eve Online added a limited free-to-play version.


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  1. Alpha Spoiler Alerts
    I've never played outside of Alpha Limitations +/- something that is not relevant for "pure" Alpha experience, but here`s what I got out of my 3 Alpha Pilots:
    First and Foremost … >You Have 5 000 000 SP Limitation as alpha< For time based train and Up to 10 000 000 with Injectors (Super expensive and not particularly worthy because of skill cap limitations. What does that translates to into the game: You can >optimally" drive 1x race (and up to Pirate variation at least) on 1x Weapon groups (races and weapon groups compliment eachoter anyway) and on 1x "sustain" choice (options being shield/armor).
    For you my fellow Nerd, even thou you as veteran player probably already know all this means: You already chose Caladari, Caladari means Missiles… So Caladari Ship Tree, Missiles skills, Drones Skills (Those are obviously a must for every type of ship), also Caladari is better of on shields (not everyone like me does Armor rep Raven because Yolo).
    For t3s as you've said your optimal is Passive Shield Regen Missile Drake with Warriors 2… Put a Mobile Tractor in it and you are good for all t3s >all of them< With Scourge missiles (the one it have bonus % dmg to) it do >all t3s< It tanks em and kills em, slow and sturdy but it does it. If you wanna go big ~Battleship Big… It is Raven… Raven is Overkill for t3s and Alphas cannot go to T4s…
    The absolute maximum of the Caladari Missile/Shield (Armor rep if you happen to have bananas for brain like me) is Rattlesnake (which require possibly Amar ship tree mixed in). Once you have all your 5 000 000 Skill points and a bit of Injectors for close to everything Alpha Available maxed on and for Rattlesnake as someone that started as Caladari… That is it.. You are done with the Alpha Content you can do.
    One of the sweet foods I really like (as answer to your question of the end of the N9 video where I started watching you, I did skip to the outro after the mission thou) currently is Chilly Papers Jam… I just ate a sandwich with 2 Slices of White Bread, Chilly Paper jam, Ham, and another more traditional Chilly Paper sauce…