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In this video we head for Pain, a 0.1 system in Lows ec and use a Cormorant, Caracal, Venture and a cloaky Ferox to make some ISK and make our presence felt 🙂

In game name ThinTrash, say hi! (No ISK required, thanks!)
This play is with a free Alpha account.
To try Eve yourself and get 1 million skill points to use;
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  1. My first few lowsec experiences in EVE online I was dipping my toes in and hunting clone soldiers. I lost a Coercer to an executioner. I was very new and the mate was kind enough to give me the isk back and tons of pointers on how to be safer. IGN Tharmont August

  2. It's funny… I have an alt I use to "try stuff", and about 2 weeks ago I moved into low sec to mess around. I make almost as much isk with him as I make with my Lvl 4 mission alt, and it's way more fun. I was doing the cheap dessy or cruiser thing, but I had a Svipul nearby and decided to bring that in… and for some reason, nobody messes with it. They will come after my Vexor or Thrasher, but they never seem to mess with the Svipul. It's not much faster than the Thrasher because in Amarr space I have to use Republic Fleet EMP, but it has a HUGE shield buffer for a destroyer, and I haven't seen it below 50%. It's paid for itself over the last couple of days though, probably time to go pick a fight and see if it earns a kill mark or becomes one for someone else..