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  1. Although I'm a Minmatar I really love the Apocalypse. Reminds me of a battle rifle XD I sorta like the Revelation, but the Naglfar looks kickass and a bit wierd. The prophecy I despise somehow but the Harbinger I absolutely love.

  2. @AndPious Then how are they going to get out of the bath of goo, and go for a walk around the station? 'Clear Skies' give a better picture on what piloting an Eve ship is really like, not sat in a bath of green goo, with an interface stuck in your skull.

  3. If you want to get into EVE send me a message with your email address and i'll send you a 21 day trial. I'll help you learn the basics and once you subscribe i'll even send you ISK to help get you started more easily.