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EVE Online Anywhere What Is It? Only 90 Minutes Gameplay? – EVE Online

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  1. To be fair, this sounds promising. But, for someone whose been watching Eve since 2003 but has never downloaded or played it, Eve Anywhere doesn't look like it's going to convert me just yet. I'm quite enjoying EE at the moment. That'll probably change by the end of the week, let's face it! I'll enjoy it while it lasts 😄

  2. On the first topic, low sec isn’t the same as no sec. I understand pvp’ers want to pop ships, they whine about pve’ers playing their own game constantly. But some people just don’t want to play with you. Pve’ers have null and the low sec belts to hunt, pve’ers have high sec and the low sec gates to travel. That seems fair to me

  3. I play Echoes in rhe middle of the wilderness. There's no wifi here, just cell towers. I can't justify the cost of a hotspot like i can a smartphone with a data plan. So, "you might as well have a laptop" doesn't really fit. Especially when my keyboard and mouse can collapse onto a space that fits in my pocket.

  4. This is for a majority of the playerbase that cannot afford a decent gaming rig. Eve echoes failed me. But It rekindled a fire in my heart for this ip. They will absolutely mobile optimize anywhere but those that go that route will be at a serious disadvantage. The more I think about it the more I think netease was a scapegoat/testbed for this very technology.

  5. In a nut shell, you can play eve at 1080p, 60fps, and high graphic quality on a potato. I tested it on a slow old laptop and it looked good… when it worked… Half the time it would not connect even on my rocket fast internet. But when it connected it was fast and looked good 🙂

  6. Tried to run the beta of “Eve Anywhere” on my tv using the Edge browser app on my Xbox Series X. It tries to connect but without success. Could be user error or that “Eve Anywhere” doesn’t support the Xbox version of the Edge browser.