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Hi folks,
So In this video I go into why I love the abyss and the pros and cons as I see it. Is this the way for PVE in Eve and would you like to see this style for mission running? I also briefly explore the idea of battlecruisers and battleships for the abyss and the issue that would have now we have the buffed marauder. Enjoy

What is Eve Online – Eve Online is a space-based, persistent world massively multiplayer online role-playing game developed and published by CCP Games. Players of Eve Online can participate in a number of in-game professions and activities, including mining, piracy, manufacturing, trading, exploration, and combat.

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  1. I personally hate the abyss now that they have removed the old proving grounds I feel that the abyss really needs a nerf too much isk being created mabye you can increase the material drop rate whille decreasing the survey drop rates

  2. Disconnects are the only keeping me from getting fully invested in the abyss, the rural area I live in doesn't have the infrastructure for me to have options for decent internet, I literally have to dock up if it start raining too hard lol. I definitely agree the missions running could use some updates, hell I think the last time we got an update was the introduction of Lp like 8 years ago. So maybe something like a mission agent that grants you a filament for sub-caps, you pay some collateral, and you've got like 3hrs to clear a site, but you can stock up on something similar to glorification-1s that can drop you back into k space if you need to bail for a bit to walk the dog. Hell, even go so far as to have running those missions increases your edencom standing.

  3. The Abyss is great, that is for sure, I don't think many people would complain if CCP took 3months to rewrite every other PVE(anoms, escalations, missions etc) in the game with similar style room generation, and infact that would be a very good update. I don't think there is really a place for battleships in the abyss as it stands. It would be so one dimensional, enter hit bastion and shoot everything 3 times and hope that you clear things before the timer runs out. Maybe battlecruisers could have a place but I'd prefer to see abyss style generation in the rest of the game.

  4. Just noticed I wasn't subscribed! Your videos are super great. How's the view share regarding subs/not subs?

    My experience: just tried abyssal twice, almost blew up on the 2nd, thught it was too much theory crafting and abandoned. Now willing to try on Sisi a T4 gila to run T1s and then learn and go for T4 😛

  5. I’d like to see the Abyss expanded to be more scalable to allow for more players in things like cruisers. Me and friends have cruiser skills for the abyss for solo running but when we are all on we typically just chill run some levels 4’s in those ships and it would be really good if we could fleet some cruisers in the abyss. I’d like Battleships and BC as well but would prefer additional friend options and ideally have both. I would implement more abyss levels to account for the required difficulty scaling when taking 3 cruisers etc just so it didn’t get too complicated and have a 1 filament per ship cost as a standard, extending this down to frigs/destroyers as well.

  6. Like the idea.
    If your wife watches your videos there will be one of 2 outcomes afterwards. She will be understanding just as long as she has a time frame, or the more likely, she will rage at you about a stupid video game on the computer being more important than her (while looking at stuff on her cell phone). Good luck, hope it's the first one.

  7. I really enjoy the abyss but I like the fact that there is PvE for small sized ships. As far as I know, the only high-end PvE (combat) content exclusive to smaller ships are the abyss, frigate burners, and the lower end DED sites. The big boys get to experience the other 85% of PvE combat content that Eve has to offer. Abyss should be limited to cruisers and below but adding similar PvE content is something I can get behind for sure! Keep up the awesome vids!

  8. I would love it if they would just bring in the complexity of the abyss to normal missions. Some kind of 'here is the mission' when you get to the site you get one of 10 possible encounters, and they are similar difficulty to the abyss rats, but also have some web/scram/ewar pressure (like the even sites). Or if when you take the mission you could select the difficulty (per your standing unlocks) and the harder missions payout better, then put all the missions for a faction into a huge pool and you could be doing a (today) level 1 mission but with level 4 difficulty. Opens up lots of combos, plus some randomness on the encounters/rats. All of a sudden, PvE missioning becomes a real challenge.

  9. leave the data sheets alone, its like the only way I make isk these days lol. I've been testing out 2x corax destroyers in abyss. T1's are going fine, but gosh every time I try T2 I get blowed up or don't have enough DPS to finish in time.

  10. My thoughts:
    (Facts per Abysaal Tracker)
    1. About 40% of all Abyssal sites are run in a Gila. (They're just generally OP)
    2. About 50% of all Abyssal sites are run in some form of a cruiser.
    3. The GIla, Jackdaw, and Worm are the most popular ships flown as well as the Caracal and Hawk.
    4. The most popular type is exotic.
    5. The most popular level is raging followed by chaotic and fierce.

    First off, they just need to nerf the Gila in general.

    Second, we need the abyssal filaments to have a points value to enter maximum for each.
    1 point for a frigate
    2 points for a destroyer
    4 points for a cruiser
    6 points for a battle cruiser
    8 points for a battleship

    Third, yes, we need a level just for a solo battle cruiser or the ability to take 6 points into (i.e. a cruiser and two frigs)

    Fourth, yes we need a level for just a solo Battleship or the ability to take 8 points into (i.e. two cruisers)

    Lastly, keep the current filaments to a max of 4 points regardless. This will entice people to fleet up with others to maybe take four frigates into a cataclysmic site rather than just three.

  11. I made the mistake of jumping into a Guardian's Gala in my Cerberus not knowing what I was getting into and nearly paid the price. I think a set of missions along that level of difficulty would be nice. Where there's a lot of ECM and there's a need for piloting skills instead of just "if your ship can tank it you can beat it".

  12. I think, Abyss is just fine as is. They are here, they are ok, they are another way of getting ISK. Don't touch them, forget about them. What game really needs is a good reason for PVP and some way to decrease sizes of super-allys. Blue Donut and invincibility of super-allys is a real problem. War is the best and only way to burn lots of stuff, not PVE. More reasons for the fight for big corps as well as for solo players – this is what I think Eve needs badly.

  13. I don't think it would be a bad idea to add a new type of mission with a little more challenging content. I just wouldn't make it instantiated like the abyss. Better loot with higher risk, where people can jump in try to steal the loot. While I like seperating pvp and pve in other mmos I don't like it in EVE. But under no circumstance I would replace old missions with new ones all of a sudden. This has to be a slow process. You'll scare away a lot of casual mission runners otherwise.

  14. Too much risk for no reward imo, after getting 3 shotted in a buffer passive tanked gila in just a tier 3 site, not worth the time or risk. I even petition CCP, they said 'working as intended'…so im like stick your abyss up your ass.

  15. Disconnects are why I quit doing the Abyss even though I loved doing the Abyss. Any time I put in a ticket CCP would just say "our logs show nothing" translated meaning, frick off it's your problem. Mind you I have a pro-level internet connection that is rock stable, adequate specs on the box and, the ONLY thing that had changed before the disconnects was yet another typically buggy CCP "update" patch. Logic dictates that if the only thing different about the entire situation is something CCP did.

  16. The PvE of old didn't really require the pilot to think there wasn't any skill imo involved. Where as this experience requires more skill oriented piloting. If you can do Tier 5 or 6 abyss, I garuntee you, you probably have learned more about piloting even manual piloting than alot of the player base.

    I only disagree on the the data sheets losing value due to it being sold to npc orders. Those are used in the LP store to get specific items for edencom and triglavians respectively, its why their still needed and are still on demand.