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*no mic* *sisi* all ten missions. interesting things i noticed:
(1) they’ve eliminated the clutter when looking at large collidable structures, so it’s safe to have that on overview for PvE
(2) the ‘highlights’ they teased about are simply the blue flashy stuff
(3) their ‘storyline’ crap is a fancy popup that repeats the current popups but with more fluff (and seems highly out of place in the ramshackle career missions)
(4) the cutesy large asteroids populating SOME of the missions are so cheesy…but hey, at least it’s no longer a mass of ‘walls’ or ‘pillars’ or whatever the hell they thought a spider/tentacle object was meant to be

BTW, the lack of character icons is due to the test server…normally all you’d have to do is restart the client on TQ to refresh the portraits of npcs at your station.


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