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15 years ago TODAY (May 6) a universe was born.

This trailer celebrates 15 glorious years of player achievements in EVE Online. From the first EVE characters and corporations to the biggest player events and battles. Fly through the greatest moments of EVE Online’s player-written history thus far. You are EVE, and the future is yours to write!

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EVE Online player community footage provided by:
Temppu Gaming []
Adan Dimaloun []

Music: Shadowrunner, Mattias Ullrich / Raffael Gruber, Atmosphere Music Ltd.

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  1. This game features the best PVP I've experienced of any game ever created imo… EVE was so innovative and a decade ahead of its time. I made alot of great friends and ever got to visit CCP in Iceland. We rolled with a tight crew and pwned nubs… Those were the days… Before "Cyber-Bullying" was a bad thing…

  2. Eve Online is not a free-to-play game! It's a free-to-bite-the-bait game! A true free-to-play game gives you access to the all game, like "Path Of Exile"! Stop calling it free-to-play!! I will never pay you a cent!