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  1. This was the music to which I first started playing eve. Had it not been for all the videos, blog and accounts I had seen or read beforehand, I may well have felt welcomed into an otherwise unforgiving world.

    These worlds are not entirely without hope or civilization, but mark my words when I say that you will be hurt, time and time again. The real test though is not if you can avoid being knocked down, but with what vigor you get back up!

  2. You can change the splash simply by replacing the splash image file with any image you want (might have to be a specific size or file type). I'd imagine you could do the same with the login animation or background music if you could locate it in your EVE directory.

  3. This makes me want to play Eve again, even though I know I'll get bored of it in about a month or two. I never got into PVP, instead sticking with mining corps that focused on wormhole mining and some exploration. It had me as an off and on subscriber for several years, always coming back for the music and visuals. Got damn this game is beautiful.