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Don’t be intimidated by the game. As with anything, you’ll learn bit by bit by playing and by watching others. These start out basic, but they’ll pick up in complexity over time.


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  1. Yeah from my understanding it is a cap – at 5 million you either need to buy injectors or subscribe to omega to continue training.

    If you want to remain Alpha you must purchase the injectors either with money or ingame from the market. That is my understanding but this video is old – so I am sure you understand it now. I am just trying to wrap my head around it since I am a returning player etc.

  2. It's funny I used to pay to play EVE on and off for a few months at a time. Since improved alpha clones have been released I've been doing a lot more in game than I ever have before. I feel like the challenge of being an alpha in game makes it feel more like a "Hero's Journey" of being an underdog and working your way up through blood sweat and tears.

  3. When extractors and injectors first came out CCP made a big deal out the injectors wouldn't come out of "thin air". Well looks to be out of thin air now to me. The mental gymnastics for CCP is real.

  4. I really enjoy your channel and has helped me immensely. 🙂 While watching this video Daily Alpha Injectors Explained it doesn't help me. I have 5 daily alpha injectors in my item hanger and will not allow me to activate unless I am in a alpha clone state. Being an absolute NOOB I have no idea what/where this is. Can you or any of your subscribers help me with this or do you have a video explaining how to fix this please?