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Hi folks, so in this video I go into my thoughts about the recent Doctor Who event and what I wanted and hoped for and what I would like to see going forward.

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  1. The thing with Doctor Who related collectables is – license issues! Even the DW related items did not have DW names. Because it was a one time event even for the BBC so they do not want DW related stuff in the game after the event. They did not even allow CCP to use the DW music on the event sites. Might have been CCP would had to pay a license fee if it wanted to include permanent items like lets say a Dalek themed drone or ship etc.

    The only negative opinions I've heard were from Reddit or people with no own opinion just taking the ones from Reddit. Everyone else just either did not care or liked it!

  2. My issue with this is it's just a rinse repeat reskin of every other event in the past. Also, CCP are pushing the almost 20 year old lore of Eve on Facebook, sharing posts about the original Eve gate, how the systems came to be populated, how the races came about… but then they're shitting on this very same lore by shoehorning some BBC bullshit in for a quick buck. Doesn't sit right with me.

  3. There were collectibles as far as I know, like little blue phone booth, snowball and other stuff like that. To me, I made like 3-4b on the event. Half way thru, it was like 100mil net from l3 exploration site. And as someone who likes relic and data sites it was awesome as noone could just show up out of thin air and kill you. Wasnt amazing content , but hardly terrible

  4. Not a doctor who fan.. I know nothing about the franchise. Did not participate in the event. I'm also in a continuous state of semi burnout with EVE in general. The game feels like more of a chore than anything else now. Seems like it takes a long time to get to do anything fun in the game anymore. Its quite sad because the game has a lot to offer.

  5. I think you nailed it. I quite enjoyed it on the whole, I appreciated exploration focused content and liked way the filaments components had to be sourced and manufactured. However the variety of drops from the sites ended up quite limiting, I reached a point about 5 days from the end where drop rates had clearly been tweaked and I ran out of certain components to produce the filaments. The market prices for components were way beyond what the sites would actually give so I dropped the whole thing feeling more frustrated than satisfied. I don't think the trinkets made worthwhile unique drops and as you suggested some unique modules or ships would have held my interest at the end, more skins than I know what to do with won't.

  6. I've been playing on and off for around 15 years. I thought this event was great. I'm normally one that needs to research everything in Eve to figure things out. I worked this event out pretty easily and I thought the income was very reasonable. Keep in mind I'm not running a huge mining fleet in nul nor am I an industry mastermind. For the average guy or new guy, this was a great event.

  7. Came back after a 6 year break and been playing for about 4 months. I enjoyed the Doctor Who event, I didn't do the holiday event at all but this one I could at least do the 3 exploration sites and the T1 combat site. T2 Combat was to much for me, I was only able to do it once. I think the jump from T1 to T2 was to extreme.

  8. The event was really new bro focused for wormhole and small scale null players it was quite hard to complete. The frequent market related objectives requires access to a public market, not always available.
    For a low effort event, as advertised by CCP, it was well set up. The ISK reward as probably not to bad, requiring either the highest exploration site or upper difficulties of the combat sites.

    What I really loved were the accelerator and detrimental effects in the sites. These were also showing off in the Proving Grounds and I hope similar boosts may be available. Probably in Proving Grounds but I'm rooting for K-space use of these.

  9. I'm brand new to Eve and a fan of Dr. Who, I wanted to enjoy this, but the rewards seemed quite lame for the amount of work involved and I would much rather spend my exploration time actually making decent isk

  10. I'm a new player and I made almost 2 billion from the exploration side of it. No special luck, either, with 1 billion from salvage and peculiar data alone. I'm suppose I'm atypical though in that I watched dozens of hours of YT video to learn how to play which if I didn't do that, I would have been clueless. Scanning is especially difficult with newbie skills even after watching a video. I will always remember Dr. Who because that's how I made my first billion.

  11. I didn't like it at all after two or three jumps in. For what its worth I thought the absolute best PVE game play in EVE for the actual fun of it was "Resource Wars", but the LP store was broken so it got waxed by just about everyone as a failure. They got the timer part right in this latest DR. Who event, but again the payouts were terrible and the game play wasn't fun, so I did something else. I'm so glad it's over so the Data site Anomalies are not littering the scan results.

  12. Level 3 exploration sites dropped a lot of salvage, farming those was definitely profitable for those with good hacking skills. There are bunch of collectables that will serve as reminder as well as apparel but other than that imo it would be too much to drop new ship/drone/module bpcs. Maybe new implants would be ok but everything else would be more immersion braking than crossover event that everyone cries about. I genuinely wished it lasted longer because I was busy lately and couldn't progress to harder combat sites, but on the other hand I'm glad it's over so people can move on and stop bitching about it.

  13. I think I grossed around 2B, I have a friend who grossed around 8B, and another who grossed around 4B. I stuck to mostly hazardous. My 8B friend did a lot of mysterious. And my 4B friend did a lot of dangerous filaments. I thought the event was a fun synthesis of manufacturing, exploration, and combat, that didnt require too much figuring out but required some legwork to get rolling. The main wins from the event were cerebral accelerators, skins, t2 salvage, scrap, & peculiar data whatnots. No event would be good for a new player as I think of them, but I think this event would have been fun to a 3 to 6 month old player and that eve designers helped keep loot theifing low by putting event inside abyss. That design choice was probably good for protecting newer players from event-related misery of theifing. fin-reporto

  14. Your a bit all over the place with what you mean by unique items. The different collectibles that you got from the Dr.Who event are actually from the show….the snowglobe, the actual first tartus, a notebook there are alot of items that you got from this event that are collectibles….

    Its that, or you just didn't know. A new ship takes alot more balancing and alot more effort to actually do, also it breaks lore which in their talks they didn't want to do.

    on my alpha clone I made close to 1 bil, and that was playing off and on. I LOVED the loop of discover -> exploration -> market -> industry / combat. This event really showed in a very small step by step process the simple game loops of EVE online.

    I think for new players this was alot easier to get into and actually learn from than any of the events that have existed in EVE. You could be a day 0 toon, and make atleast 100 mill + with a few hours of gametime spread out a few days and still get actual enjoyment from what your doing.

    I want more events like this, it had a high skill ceiling, because even the high level events were harder to solo (which is great) but it had a low barrier of entry for people with an actual open mind.

  15. were ISK the benchmark for an enjoyable event, i should have been quite happy with things as i cleared a few hundred million on the first day…but by day two, i'd pretty much got so bored i spent the remainder of the event doing account maintenance and went on playing other games. the event was repetitive grinding at its worse – even down to the same layout for every site (truly bot-able). the focus of the event was also all over the place (for instance: capital skin promos for a newbie event)? all the talking-head sellouts on youtube (like TIS) were wagging with ccp-approved propaganda, but even they had little to offer after the opening days (and the typical vids on site running were quite sparse). what new people i talked to or eavesdropped on were simply dazed, confused, and walking out by day four.

  16. Great vid again. Shame the event did not really do one thing or another. Loot was very low and without a real boost in terms of sp free ships and a quick tutorial EVE would be just too much for most new players. Took me a day to work out how to put an item in my cargo hold when I started! Hopefully they will smooth this all out.

  17. Too grindy and repetitive… for no real payoff, gamewise or progression in personal skills. had to force myself through it. Something to do is always better than not. But I am disillusioned with the lazy way ccp spits out event content after over a decade and half with the I.P.

  18. I really enjoyed the event, unlike most other it was doable as alpha. Grinded through in 2 1/2 days because I almost forgot it and just started on the 29th of january. Made about 150 mil, not super much for most, but for me with my 5m sp it was ok.

  19. I would not call myself an ISK/hr minded player I am here to enjoy. I am British so Dr Who is a childhood icon so I was looking forward to the event. Unfortunately I come the the However!! It was a grind! The event track had numerous bottlenecks largely due to the drop rate of items and the sites. So you hunt down the Matrix sites, then you clear the boxes but you need to clear 10 boxes to move onto the next task but there were only 7 boxes, so it was rinse repeat. Did you always get enough bits, including the BPCs to create a filament for the next task NO!! I get that it is random drop. Then we have the Curious filament but we need to clear 15 ruins boxes but there were ~10 in the Lv1 room so again I needed to do 2 Curious filaments to clear the task, there were just enough boxes in the Enigmatic room to clear 15 ruins boxes but it was hard, even with relatively good skills. The combat track had similar issues. The second kill the boss task required 2 visits to a precarious room to get enough damage points to complete the task but then the combat tasks required a visit the a Hazardous room. I am not a good pilot but do have maxed skills but still lost a ship despite following the various videos. In the end, toward the end, I bought a load of BPCs and bits and ran the manufacturing event leg but whenever I built a Dangerous filament I had to sell a filament, fortunately I knew I was never going to attempt the Dangerous room so I sold the filament. I completed the event track, its what I do events for, compared to the Winter Nexus this was HARD and designed for newbies!!! Those with lots of time at the start of the event probably made millions from the inflated prices of the stuff that everyone was desperate for to build stuff, at prices newbies could not realistically afford. Overall I enjoyed the event but found it a frustratingly expensive grind. If it is was an introduction I think newbies would have walked away from the game, not to return!!!

  20. Started playing EVE back in 2017 and quit after a few months and just came back around Christmas 2021. I didn't bother with the event for the simple fact how bad Doctor Who as a franchise has been destroyed and crapped on. The lore we knew as fact was retconned into something else. This new Doctor is horrible. I hope this never comes back.