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Life as an Enforcer in EVE Online puts you at the heart of deadly, explosive PvE combat – the front lines of the battle between order and anarchy. It’s dangerous, rewarding work – but what’s life without a little risk? Face the dangers of EVE Online today –

When you need to put a little ISK on the board, taking PvE jobs from NPCs in Highsec is the perfect way to start. Keep putting the hours in and you’ll soon find yourself piloting better and better ships, pursuing tougher and tougher targets in increasingly dangerous areas of space. The possibilities are endless – but even legends have to start somewhere.

Play EVE Online for free at

Start today. Rise to the top as an Enforcer and earn the respect of Capsuleers across the cluster.
Looking to learn more? Head over to the EVE Academy now and find out what EVE Online has to offer you –

Music: ‘Wasteland’ composed by Le Matos and performed by Le Matos from the album ‘Chronicles of the Wasteland / Turbo Kid’ –

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  1. Flying the Palandin (Ammarian Marauder) is the best feeling ever?  
    2:08 you say: There is no greater feeling?
    Really? I have heard a lot of BS in my life, but this is really the biggest commercial BS I ever heard. Gtfo man

  2. "once you finally get in the ship your like well now what?" get board and leave. your own statistics showed this when it came to mission runners CCP. Also great marking to go with how they can take on anything in a paladin, that mindset wont lead to an irate forum post when they eventually lose it.