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Overhauled career agent sites, high-resolution nebulas, improved texture compression and so much more! Now available as part of EVE Evolved as New Eden evolves and gets ready for the third decade!

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  1. Туманность подкрутили текстурки подкрутили у камней может чётче корабли стали по текстурам а так ни-че-го нового не увидел спустя 4 года не играя в игру

  2. Only thing is skill time I play a month got to t4 missions but never fly one couse comp says better is if you had t2 on a hypiron to do t4 missions save so I lost the fun now I'm omega didn't play 2 weeks to wait the skills I mean itsk the part of eve but for new players it's like you can be good as you want but you never can't compare to player 2y+ I mean at the same player skill couse he have more time and skills… Let the old players get skills P back but reduce the time of skill couse it is de motivating if you know i need to wait 30+ to be able to do something good…

  3. Can totally tell the difference, I am loving it!
    Even the reflection update is working better with this update. everything is more pronounced and more vivid. Also for some reason, reading the text seems easier on the eyes. A great update!

  4. Now while updating the graphics is cool and all, thats not going to be enough to prevent the current player losses, we both know it, when are you going to address the actual issues the players have instead of trying to hide them under a bandaid of pretty new visuals?

  5. I stopped playing EVE a while back because of just how much time it takes to be relevant, and I don't have that much time to pour into one thing
    The new art looks great though. Maybe once the EVE Evolved updates get out I might try to pick up the game again, but for now I'll keep an eye out

  6. there is no real fighting in the gam a frigate kills every thing in the game no need to wast time on big ships because a small frigate can stop your ship and keep you from defending you self all you can do is sit there and die this game suck when it come down to it no need to expand your self past frigate

  7. Still looking for the character I created in Incarna to have an actual, you know, MEANING.
    When that day comes and I can actually use my LEGS to walk around ships, stations and planets, maybe I´ll give this game another look.

  8. These updates are great, but it negates the core issues.
    These types of updates are just called low hanging fruits to attract new players and are a great update for old players, but these issues don't have retention power like fixing the core game…. Please get rid of Tri space between amarr and Jita already and fix your market, this game's economy is destroyed.