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A new core for the Orca will take a while so let’s try the Mackinaw for some solo mining.
try the game:
I was flying:
[Mackinaw, Meizu Kho’s Mackinaw]
Power Diagnostic System II
Mining Laser Upgrade II
Damage Control II

Republic Fleet Large Shield Extender
Multispectrum Shield Hardener II
Multispectrum Shield Hardener II
Enduring Multispectrum Shield Hardener

Modulated Strip Miner II
Modulated Strip Miner II

Medium Core Defense Field Extender II
Medium Core Defense Field Extender II

Caldari Navy Hornet x5
Mining Drone II x5

Simple Asteroid Mining Crystal Type B II x8


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  1. Scarcity 2.0 with wasted ore, wasted time traveling (slow boat to one rock to another, or warp out-warp back in) and nerf of the Strip Miner 1 (which I was using)
    12:50 The old belt shape is probably a bug. In another system, even after the patch, I'll see some of the old belts haven't change (same arch shape, same rock size), but if I go at the same belts on Singularity test server, the asteroid "belts" have all the new "bubble" shape. All of them.

    2:12 That's 25k ehp more than my Skiff had BEFORE the patch. And this is why the price of the Skiff is so low at the moment, and the price of the Mackinaw is at new high: the skiff could already withstand a lot of suicide ganks even with only 60k ehp (I myself survived 10 destroyers in a 0.6 system months ago). So you can have a survey scaner and use 2 if not 3 mining laser upgrade in order to get better yield and not waste your time with a full cycle on an almost empty rock, and you'll still be over 60k ehp : the old Skiff tank + thrice the old Skiff ore hold and much better yield than the Skiff can dream of. Oh… and faster than the Skiff too.

  2. bookmarking individual big rocks in your favourite belt seems to no longer be a viable option either. I saved some locations close to the biggest rocks in my daily "go to" belt, but the rocks now randomly spawn inside the belt bubble, no more fixed locations. Best workaround is to have a warp in bookmark on grid, 500km or so from the rocks, that way you have a fixed point (or perch as some ppl call it) and you can ping out and back in to the desired asteroid. is way faster than slowboating through the belt.

  3. What are these "industrial cores" that everyone keeps talking about for the Orca? Is it necessary? Is it a mod? What does it do?

    EDIT: I still do solo mining in my Skiffs. I had to switch things up: now I use Large Field Extenders on them to keep their tank up and discourage gankers. I use a Covetor for mining ops with my corp, but still not brave enough to fly a Hulk.

  4. Recently mining inside of a Serpentis Lookout, which has Jasp & Hemo. Using a covetor on tech1 strips. Old School jetcan mining at an dead end of high-sec.

    I sold a bunch of LRG Indy Cores at their release to immediately re-coop the purchase price. I will eventually make one for myself, but Heavy Water fuel sourcing is just another impediment to the process. Possibly just stick to what I have done long before this drought and flood thing – mine inside missions or Mining Missions.

  5. Damn, 4M in 20 mins. I get that off 2 bounties in my system. I forgot how hard it was to live in HS. NS residents are usually rich…but if your alliance doesnt sell certain things then you either: Chance a 40 jump flight to Jita and hope you get the items back to home station, Or pay 5M+ a jump to contract it. Or find a wormhole.

    Give and take I guess, but I still feel safer in NS than HS.

  6. my mack fit is a bit different to yours.
    it has in the rigs a Medium Ancillary Current Router II + Medium Core Defense Field Extender II,
    in the high slots are 2no. strip miner 2 with type 2 B crystals, medium slots have 50MN Y-T8 Compact Microwarpdrive + Small Cap Battery II + 2no. Multispectrum Shield Hardener II,
    in the low slots are a Reinforced Bulkheads II + Micro Auxiliary Power Core II + Abyssal Damage Control.
    this leaves 2.4 on the power grid, and 37.4 cpu. It has 61,738 ehp, max speed of 848 m/s.
    this setup is cap stable when mining with both shields active, and can get about 2 mins of micro warp drive.
    also maxed out skills in capacitor and power.

  7. Hey, Tech here 🙂 I decided not to mine anymore since one clone soldier kill gets you 2 mill bounty in 0.3 system instead of wasting time in highsec. Will just buy mats with isk from ratting. Oh and how come you don't use overview for selecting rocks, you can see bigger ones there aswell 🙂 o/

  8. Probably going to buy a t1 core after the winter event is over and get back to business dual boxing ore and ice mining. I just bought an orca and it’s sitting in station collecting dust not paying for itself. I have never owned an exhumer but I may buy one yet.

  9. High sec mining seems really bad. I like using a couple Retrievers with type B crystals in null sec. You do have to watch out for roaming gangs, but you can pay for your ship so much faster, especially if you have access to moons.

  10. Well , after all the hate i read on CCP dev blog , i'm happy to see people can adapt .. Fuckin' cry babies … Deal with it ! Changes are always welcomed and people should learn to adapt , not complain .

  11. Solo only player here.

    After much experimentation I'm going with the following fit. It sacrifices ehp for mobility, eliminating the need for bookmarking rocks. I just go for the best rocks, use a strip miner I with mining drone I's to eliminate residue (get as much of the good rock as I can). I can still be mobile enough to get all my salvage and hop very quickly to a new 'good' rock. It requires more attention to DScan and local due to the lost ehp – though gankers being gankers I'm not sure 10k ehp will save me anyway when I'm caught. 14s align time is pretty nasty.

    Using the lower grade miner and drones drops the value which makes me a little less of a juicy target. Fitting tool puts this fit at 358.1m which is replaceable for me especially as I have my own BPO and make my own fittings and drones.

    [Mackinaw, Simulated Mackinaw Fitting]

    Reactor Control Unit II

    Damage Control II

    Reactor Control Unit II

    50MN Y-T8 Compact Microwarpdrive <– Has to be this type of 50MN others use too much resources

    Republic Fleet Medium Cap Battery <- Just a type II won't cut it.

    EM Shield Hardener II

    Multispectrum Shield Hardener II

    Strip Miner I

    Strip Miner I

    Medium Ancillary Current Router I

    Medium Ancillary Current Router I

    Salvage Drone II x1

    Vespa EC-600 x1

    Hornet II x3

    Mining Drone I x3

    Ice Harvester I x2

    I am investing in training up an alt to use this and use my primary in the Orca with the type II core. Speaking of which I have it and am trained to use with the most minimal Heavy water consumption… It's just too painful to solo mine with now. Such a mining set up should give me the boost benefits. We'll see if that's just too complicated for me or not 😉

  12. the orca with the t2 industrial core mines at the same rate as it used to and if you have an alt it really kicks up mining a lot. boosted mining is roughly 30% faster. So when all is considered solo mining costs a bit more because you now need heavy water for fuel but when alt mining its much faster with the t2. The t1 industrial core is a good bit slower solo mining with orca and drones and alt mining both. So I def recommend the t2 industrial core. Def worth the extra training and cost, which is minimal at this point. Def use the crystal saver with the command burst because the crystals deplete quickly.

  13. Useless fit, shit–y.
    When you get ganked, those shield hardeners will keep you alive 2-3 seconds more.
    Low slots: only mining upgrades, in order to pretend you don't waste your time.

    PS: you never get ganked, that is VERY strange. Are you in bed with the 7 CCP Demons? (no need to answer ha ha).