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Huge amount of graphic lag, ship didn’t even render for me (or most of the gang), screenshot at the end courtesy of Elendar.

Pandemic Legion bravely defend Tama from the Sansha menace

Killmail –

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Video by Frocke


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  1. Who else but only the miracle of life itself could add such a nice layer of irony to this video after so many months.

    What CCP lost to PL back then, now was lost by PL to BL.

    Only CCP hasn't actually lost any real ISK.

    And BL actually explained to us that 'Kings of Low-Sec' is short of 'Kings of Low-Sec PvE and Live Events' when it comes to PL.

    Cheers to true mercs and their friends!

  2. well if you could give me more example of mmos where when you die you loose all your equipment i would be grateful.I know that you loose exp when you die in pwi but i've tried several mmo's and eve is the only one where i loose something as important as a ship upon death.

  3. Thats the point, there is only one true MMO, EvE Online, this teaches you control, patience, value of money, how harsh the world is, EvE isn't just a game, it's a life lesson.