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“pounce point”, “warp in”, “ping™” whatever you want to call it, be at least 1500km+ from the target

========================== APPENDIX
Multiboxing thumbnails –
Soundcloud playlist –
alternate DPS graph –
Intel Dscan –
html color codes –
“lowsec overview” – ingame chat channel for my “belter” overview – tritanium (sadly 404)
screenshot program –


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  1. Hi! Seen some of your FOB videos and Ty for those since they are very up to date! Our group (or me as an FC) hosts occasional FOB fleets (only Blood Raider atm). We use Myrmidons with remote reps since we have some Alpha players. I see your Leshak set up and for us atm it is to pricey and skill intensive to go for atm. So I was wondering about Drekavacs. It is less of a train for some of us and I guess since they also cap chain and rep tjat they could fly together with the Myrms (which the alphas use). Did you have a fit for Dreks? Also in one of the videos you experimented with warp ins after / during the initial defender spawn. Is there no risk of a extra spawn or is it just random? Again awesome videos (kind of wish you had a written guide or a more compact video with all of the info in it (or a playlist). Sorry on phone so this text is more or a rant 😛