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The mighty Moa!

I have almost no footage in the buffer fit described, so this is all footage of the XLASB version. The playstyle is pretty much the same anyway.

Pastebins of fits:

Buffer (Alpha Friendly):
XLASB (Electrons): (needs 2% “602” PG implant)
XLASB (Ions – better?):

Moa Highlights to date:


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  1. I've now added an Alpha fit in the description. Blaster boats really benefit hugely from T2 ammo though, especially Null, so the lack of projection will be even worse with the Alpha version but it's still ok! 😀

  2. Zarvox, have you ever fucked with the Maller? I am a T1 cruiser fan, literally thousands of hours in Vexors and the ones you see everywhere. Then I got into solo rupture fits, now moa – I am thinking Maller might be next.