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The mighty Vexor!

Pastebins of fits in this video (some require a cheap PG or CPU implant):

Twin Rep:
Gank + Light Hull:

Other fits:

Gank + Light Shield tank:
Shield Tank + Blasters 750DPS (no web):
XLASB + Twin Medium Neuts:
XLASB + Blasters:
Plate + Blasters:

Examples of the Vexor in action:


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  1. For those who haven't bought your Vexor yet, please note that the power grid on it has been nerfed quite a bit since this video. This means some of these builds will not work at all due to lack of power on the ship so make sure you simulate the fit you're trying before you buy it.

  2. I'm trying to learn more about the game so this was very usefull (already have a vexor). But can you please talk in English and at least hover over the modules so I don't have to pause it to se wtf your talking about