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  1. Don't shoot me for this but I have another question.

    You said just to look for hideaways and refuges but go on to run hideout, vigil etc. Should we be running those aswell?

    I have a couple of friends that are completely green and I'm only familiar with null sec space. Hi sec mission running is new for me.

  2. is the refuge found on combat anomalies tab (exploration) the same you are now saying to scan down aka Is this littel outdated on that part? SO more like refuge and Den? or refuge from combat anomalies and then scan down for hideaway and vigil in Blood raider space?

  3. Well, I might be just extremely unlucky but out of 12 escalations I’ve earned 300m. It took my roughly 15 hours of gameplay to find and do these. At this rate even 5b a week sounds impossible.

  4. I just started out as a Caldari and I have a destroyer, is there equipment I should get ( other than the shielding) before I start this, or is there a level of development I should reach maybe?

  5. I have followed this method over the last few months and, though I haven't achieved in a two week period what he did, I've had so much fun and learned how to get the lucrative escalations on a regular basis. This is fun!

  6. Great stuff,but you forgot one thing,me and bunch of other pilots,run combat site for over 3 hours and get one stinky 3/10 or one 4/10 and don't get faction modules,only ope,witch is 4-5 mil!!!! CCP is closing the ISK for some reason