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EVE Online How to control fighters
When flying a carrier / supercarrier, knowing how to control your fighters is vital. This video especially covers the PVE usage of your fighters.


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  1. Very helpful video, thank you for your help on coms and forums as well. Do you recommend to target a single wreck to have my fighters orbit in order to keep them moving in between waves, or once I’m accustomed to it can I target the new battleships in time to get them moving without this step? Also is their an ideal “set orbit” distance to for light fighters to be in position to start their next volley, currently using templars and orbit at 11km which is their optimal.

  2. U forgot much more as the Scan Button.

    1. Align
    2. Keep your fighters MOVING (Orbit Command)
    3. Use your rockets from the light fighters to kill the next Cruiser / Frig
    4. Use Bombs
    5. Your light fighters will never die in the bombs. because there Optimal is much higher as the Bomb Explosion radius
    6. Scanning the sites is only possible, if the choosen site is in scanner range….
    7. Fighters will not repair in the ship, there "self healing" in space, if there not attacked. If u lost a fighter (Some green bar is missing) u lost the fighter and cant get it back…

    So u can get 120mil+ on a Super.