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FC Keacte from Fun Inc’s small gang corp PVP Even Better With Friends shares his learnings from establishing and evolving a community within EVE Online that puts fun and friendship first.

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  1. There is no easy way for newbors to find out about npsi groups…. I think my first encounter was 2-3 years into the game when a fleet passed trough local and I was like "that's a lot of randoms, what's going on here" and checked someone's bio

  2. Ah the good old times, bombing runs as a 3rd party in a big war with bomber's bar, BLOPS drops with Virion or Olmeca, huge Raven or Typhoon fleets with spectre…
    And way too many t3d grinders that I could only join as a logi frigate 🙂
    Still flying hunter for blops bombers or logi in small gang was the most fun times.