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Industrialists shape the universe of EVE Online, being responsible for supplying the ships, ammo, and equipment that fuel the biggest wars in gaming history! Start playing EVE for free at http://EVE.Online/Fly_Now

As an industrialist, you will gather raw resources from across the universe, refine them, and manufacture virtually everything found in-game. Play your cards right, and you could earn your fortune in space following this path!

Music & Sound Design: Makewaves audio
Special thanks to Unstopable Deadman for intro gameplay footage.

#EVEOnline #Spacegames #mmo

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  1. I like games, but all I see here is millions of man hours of repetitive grinding in a virtual pyramid scheme and just 5 people pick where it gets deleted/unmade.
    Are there roleplay elements to this, like actual rolePLAY, that make this Bagpuss biscuit factory a journey to be remembered than pay to grind? Do the grinders get to enjoy any of the fruits of their labour?

  2. I seen a commercial for eve online and I was told I am not ready for this game. I believed them, so I did the responsible thing and hit mute and ignored the rest of the commercial, so this game could pay ad revenue to youtube farting channels.

  3. I agree, lots of ways to play this game, some people prefer conflict, action and drama, other extremes just want to mine in high sec while watching netflix. It's good to try out different stuff before specializing.

  4. This game.. your not ready for this!! Your correct, takes months to get skills to master anything lol. I play but not much just gonna be along time to get skills. I know its part of the game just damn!

  5. This is really funny because my corporate does close to the same thing and I'm sorry to say but 5 people might fill your mining team up but what about manufacturing, fittings and you need the blueprints and they don't cost cheap and if your running your own station/s there more ISK and if your getting your ISK or ores from the planets you need more ISK for the module and fuel That's more ISK and the run for the drilling is so long for the planet drill and nearly forgot your 5 man corp won't get far if idk a BIGGER Corporation wants that stuff or idk destroy everything you made and with 5 people you won't get fair in protecting or hauling across long distance all it takes is people to wait until your base is on cool down then boom your 5 man won't save your base and also the ship your getting to your customers need people to escort the driver in nil sec zones or if perhaps if people are Powerful to get you people or know you flight route they can trap and surround your corp if they are bigger and powerful enough