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EVE Online’s new Into the Abyss expansion brings you face to face with an ancient enemy and new space! Explore and survive Abyssal Deadspace where the mysterious Triglavians and more await you. Play EVE Online for free, forever, at


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  1. Hi there, I played EVE myself a long time ago, I was thinking of coming back to the game, but everything is very different now.

    Are there any resources such as websites or communities where I could basically "learn to play" again?

    My characters had trained down the gunnery/shield tanking skill lines, IIRC.

  2. I've heard so much about the game and so far it looks good but people are telling me I have to dedicate a lot of time to get anywhere in the game I will probably buy it this summer because I'll have lots of time on my hands

  3. Make it easy to enter the game!!!!!!!! GET ATTACK OF THE EMPIRE!!!!!! In the game, some old people!!!! GET ATTACK OF THE EMPIRE!!!! SO YOU CAN'T ACTIVATE THE CANNON IN THE EMPIRE!!!! The war to limit to 5 corporations. Make it easy to enter the GAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Enough territory for PVP!!!! Attract people!!!!!!
    Облегчите вход в игру!!!!!!!! УБЕРИТЕ АТАКУ В ИМПЕРИИ!!!!!! В ирге одни старики!!!! УБЕРИТЕ АТАКУ В ИМПЕРИИ!!!! ЧТО БЫ НЕЛЬЗЯ БЫЛО АКТИВИРОВАТЬ ПУШКИ В ИМПЕРИИ!!!! Войны ограничить до 5 корпораций. Облегчите вход в ИГРУ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Достаточно территорий для ПВП!!!! Привлекайте людей!!!!!!

  4. Im a casual gamer and switched from 2 years of EVE Online to Guild Wars 2. In EVE there is no PVE story content whatsoever – why pay the monthly fee ? Also the progress is ridiculous – a casual new player will never reach the abilities of older players unless he buys tons of skill injectors. In Guild Wars 2 you can play the core game totally free without any limitations and buying the expansions gives you instant level boosts to max level, plus mounts – yesterday I got a roller beetle and a glider and new areas to explore. The PVE story is in constant development. In EVE besides new ships and cosmetics the PVE story is not existent at all.

  5. Дерьмо, качайте в 5 галентов и дронов и не смотрите передаста биста. корочь 2 года доната и вы сможете летать в это сраное дерьмо))) Всего 2 года!!!!)))) ехайте и обрясчите))) Бисту от меня вставьте той рекламной путане)) Не зря прячеться))

  6. The problem with Eve online is its real time skill training it takes way to long to train anything from months to years to fly ships 'obtaining the max dps", sure they tell u it only take 2-3 months to fly a battleship but reality is u can fly it, however you cant fit it for weapons /tank/propulsion etc, with any fit that is viable. so unless your prepared to spend years in the game waiting or spend a ton of money with skill injectors then this game is not for the average player.

    CCP needs to update the skill tree system and bring it into line with 2019 and the gamer's of this era but sadly it not been updated since 2004 baring the addition of even more skills to train as new stuff gets released. an example is if you spend 10 years real time in-game (paid subscription) not free)) you still would not have trained everything thats available to train.
    And they wonder why 90% of people that try this game drop out….