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Simple terms, watch the video – Think I left something out? drop it in the comments, let’s have some serious discussion on this because I personally think I have thought this 100% through.

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  1. Always nice to hear new ideas. Are you suggesting that the concord system and security status is pretty much void with your idea? Some ganking takes place 0.5 sec. If players understand 1.0 (2 sec response time) 0.5 which is only 0.1 away from low sec (9 second response time). I like the idea of a player driven security status for pve. The more PVE the increase in the Concord saftey net. I also don't mind your idea, however, I do wonder how the ingame market on the server would work. PVP drives market demand?

  2. It will never happen as long as Hilmar breathes air…Also you have interesting things to say, but you speak in burst mate…you start loud and end softly…it makes it hard to understand you. Speak slower at a reasonable volume and maintain a cadence….just a suggestion.

  3. Actual good takes in my opinion. I don't enjoy exploring in ovo server too much because I get ganked when I explore news sectors so I just afk skill train and mine in high sec areas for pathetic ISK. Having a PvE would let me explore ship usage and make custom ships so when I get back on PvP servers, I can go to the market knowing what I need.

  4. Check out torn RPG it also has large player interaction but people get protected through factions and alliances as these names mean people won’t attack. Also directly targeting player is disadvantaged as at best you ste up to 25 % of the cash on hand and it can be kept in unthefable places many this sort of Mechnism could sort the high sec pvproblem also there are ways to self hosp for a med cool-down that enables you to lie safe while something big sells. I don’t know quite how it would apply to eve but some way of limiting gain form ganking would help surely? There is also interfaction warfare for those types in which respect can be lost which cuts off factions from bounses but i guess the key thing is there is no way to loose too hard unless you try to loose lots of cash