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CCP Fozzie talks about some new ships coming to New Eden in the winter of 2015. He discusses their specific roles and bonuses as well as a few of the other balance changes we have coming to the game, inspired by Community Feedback.
Navy EWar Frigate Feedback Thread:
Balance Smorgasboard Feedback Thread:

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  1. Buffs? They want to remove the utility high slot from the Punisher – the only thing capable of keeping its cap stable enough to active tank and give it an extra gun with no dmg bonus. So in other words no reason to use lasers at all. And give that lame as cap cost "bonus" which is nothing more than compensating for shitty laser design in the first place (which is why it's NOT a true bonus) WHICH NO ONE WILL EVEN USE ANYMORE WITHOUT THE FREAKING LASER DMG BONUS, MORONS!!!! And what the fuck are we going to do with an extra low slot without adding like 30+ more CPU (Hint: They aren't adding that much). Like another meta 4 "refuge" is going to fix things.3rd mid slot or GTFO.

  2. Remember those days when CCP made large ships magnificant and awesome? Their trailers showed the great behemoths roaming the void, but now it's all just flocks of tiny frigates and cruisers. Why does CCP hate battleships so much?

  3. I actually think this should be fun. Unless you are a Vet or a member of a vet alliance that gives you ships and fits to use… and you use them. The vast majority of people do not actually fit ships remotely well, let alone use them correctly. Its about 15% of the player base that really knows what they are doing. Then there's the 20% or so below that that either focuses on tank or DPS and piece meals the other together. Wich leaves about 65% of people not really knowing what they are doing, but they think they do. Im actually looking forward to new smaller ships, which the unknowing perceive as less of a threat (and cost less), that can be devastating in the right hands. Proper Logi and EWAR ships almost always catch over half of the player base off guard and if we get to have even more of that, it should be fun. Although blob warefare will always be blob regardless, but who really cares about that anymore other then sov holding. Lowsec and NPC null PVP are where the fun is at and this is where we will see the changes matter the most.

  4. I don't get it – why did they call it a "Maulus N.I." and give it a bonus to Warp Scrambler? I was so excited to see my beloved Maulus take the next step further – but why Scramblers? At least CCP should call it a "Atron N.I." 🙁

  5. Hey CCP, speaking of frigates.. You guys planning on doing anything about AF's considering the T3 destroyers are just plain better than an AF in everyway possible? (essentially making whatever role the AF's could of had before just obsolete). The running joke is AF is an acronym for Already F___ed.
    Just saying…