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Old intro movie from EVE Online game. Recorded @ 1280×720


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  1. The game it self is lacking pve content like no other. And if you want PVP, yeah this is it, but be prepared to use years in real life to get the skill builded and ships to do it and a corp (guild) to join to make it all happen. Seriously – I do like the time it takes for skills to develop (and we are talking years in real time), but it's pure pvp (imo) and it gets tiresome fast. I do still believe this intro is the best ever made for any game and I did love every second spended online!

  2. Many new players who has not seen this intro are the ones who usually do not subscribe or play long enough to experience EVE. I recommend a revamped version of this to but put in the game and replace the current intro….

  3. Big obvious but, has anyone noticed a or what seems to be a bridge or a link connecting the continent of Africa to South America ………….Ermmmmmm its a shame i wont live to see that…….but its still epic

  4. basically. we are in a galaxy a long ways away from anything else, and the humans that were at war with each other 10-20k years before had occupied every planet they could find before finding the eve gate.

  5. Man, this intro-cinematic is way better than the one they have now, pew-pew-pew and being physically connected your pod and ship and all. It was better when you could get out of the ship and utilize the Capseleer Quarters aboard the space stations. Nonetheless, it's still a great Space Sim game that I still play from time to time.