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Find your calling, discover the unique role you will play in shaping EVE’s vast universe, and begin your journey to mastery. The new AIR Career Program helps you plot your path to glory in EVE Online.

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  1. There's gonna be a lot of stick from what I'll say but, I like what I've seen of the new Career Program up to now. It give doable targets toward completing the goals, and according to the patch notes doesn't require 100% completion of all targets to "certify". Which is good!

    Thanks for the update! I'll let you know if my computer blows up or something. Maybe. 😀

  2. Would genuinely loved to play this game again , i spent years building up characters and billions of ISK on ships but was forced to stop playing after i became seriously ill resulting in a double organ transplant meaning i was unable to play for many months , and by the time i was up to playing again Eve had moved on and all my characters , ships and equipment is now stranded in the back end of 0.0 space

  3. Don't fall for that… EVE is a shameless cash grab since it was sold to those koreans… put that alongside the awful community full of scammers and suicide gankers, plus the inaction of CCP and you have a perfect product to waste your time and drain your wallet.

    It was great once, not any more; STAY AWAY FROM THIS GAME !

  4. "Behold, a new NPE!"
    "CCP, this is the fifth time you've shown a new NPE."

    Seriously, are they ever going to add any new substantive content or is it just going to be NPE changes and lukewarm events until the server goes down?

  5. I have been playing almost 2 months, so still a newbro but I did play a lot in the past few weeks. This update does feel like a big improvement with tangible goals and starter ISK rewards for newbros in different areas of EVE.

  6. mining dead , industry dead , only thing that works in EVE now is pvp in nullsec and ganking done in HS by sociopats , in short try EVE but DO NOT give any real money cos at this point EVE is NOT worth of your real money .

  7. Is no game like EVE… never will be i have had some amazing memories within it, thats why you never truly leave EVE you just take a break, like i have but i will always be an EVE player. my toons still having a wee nap, after 12 years of EVE. greatest game i have ever played everything else is just a starter till i return to main course. so if your thinking of playing just do it, cause noone can tell you about it you have to experience it for yourself. Good luck all always remember tho, never undock somthing you can not afford. Peace.