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Welcome to EVE Pulse from inside Jita 4-4! Start playing EVE for free at

This week’s episode contains details on the following:    

00:00 – Intro
00:26 – EVE Evolved
01:01 – DirectX 12
01:17 – Audio & visual improvements
01:42 – Career agents
02:10 – AIR Career Program
02:29 – Narrative arcs
02:45 – CSM 17
03:01 – Gallente Federation Day
03:25 – Omega & MCT offer
03:38 – Outro

EVE Evolved –
CSM 17 –
Gallente Federation Day –
Omega & MCT offer –
EVE Universe –

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  1. would be nice if you hadn't driven off so many players by raising sub prices.

    most people lower sub price to encourage poeople to stay or return or new players to try out

    raising sub price when your already low on players…is suicide

  2. More incredibly useless screens that do nothing to fix the massive imbalance in the game. Massive alliances and Gankers rule everywhere and there is no room for the small corporation. There has been no real "game play innovation" in eve for over a decade, and now they have the stupidity to raise prices when they should be lowering them to keep membership up.

  3. How’s that $20 sub price working out for ya CCP? I saw just over 12,000 online the other night and the smallest amount at Jita I have ever seen! You might want to reconsider your greed and cut the price in half other wise you stand to lose it all. World wide depression inbound and you greedy fools raise the price on a 20 year old game. Not very smart but that is what greed does to people makes them stupid. I will not be back there is life after Eve and it is MARVELOUS! o7 🤣👍

  4. everyone says how great is the new update, which i cant deny, it is indeed a great visual update. but when will se any major content updates ?
    like hisec carrer missions or any other "cough" trig invasion content ??

  5. Not sure how I feel about the DX12 update right now. I run two accounts and averaged ~130fps on each before the update. Now I'm lucky to see 90, even when doing PI. Hopefully whatever caused this gets fixed because damn, losing almost 40% of my framerate hurts.

  6. Проблема в том, что миссии агентов скучные и в них нет того масштаба, которые дают нули. Человек в империи просто делает одно и тоже в течении большого промежутка времени и ничего не меняется. Лети, убей, возьми, привези и так до бесконечности. Нет не обороны объектов с нпс своей фракции, против врагов, нет крупных сражений на фоне, чтобы выглядело шикарно. Нет ничего

  7. yea it is all nice but you still fail to see error in your work that is making EVE losing player each day ,but that is probably cos of arogance and stupidity where you think " I KNOW BEST ALL OTHERS ARE IDIOTS AND SHUD JUST GIVE THEY MONEY TO US/CCP" sadly for EVE the CCPs arogance is killing here.

  8. all the stuff mentioned is well good and nice, not dumping a stool on the good work that people have shown, but then you have the other side of the same coin, where when you get in a fight with more than 500 pilots and the Fleet commander says out loud on comms " potato mode engage " … tidi is horrible , was a problem, now is considered a feature … they just change the perception of how bad some stuff still is. instead of addressing age old problems, the y perfer to say " hey look, shinyyyyy" yeahh "look shineyy good". give me a break