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  1. Ive always tied loot drops to the market. With player count being low overall market volume is down across the board. CCP need to revamp missions, faction war, and DED sites ASAP or the "summer" people wont have a reason to come back.

  2. I tried running T4 Dark in my Gila … it was a mistake.. my drones could not hit the npcs and it took so long , the timer ran out … lost almost 2 bill ship … lol 😢 can you run a new Dark and explain some pointers? I already watched your other vids ..

  3. Got four 4/10 escalations, 2 in low sec ignored. First one dropped nothing. Knew these never drop anything but lo an behold the second dropped 240 mil item. Biggest drop for me ever. I've done a few 5/10's and got nothing so really surprised from that 4/10.

  4. Cruiser loot is just so bad and you have to go to such a high Tier level to make the cruiser loot good that you have a very good chance of getting blown up if you are not in a blinged out ship and at that point your almost more worried about gankers outside the Abyss then whats in it lol

  5. I have a question how come when you hover over things and see the prices you have proper space between all the zeros like this 000 000 000 but when I look at large number all the zeros are smashed together like this 00000000? Is it maybe a localized thing where you are with the font? im in the US

  6. If you want consistent loot, consider wormhole krabbing. The only thing that drops is blue loot, which is like the survey databases. Sell at the correct station to an NPC for a fixed price. Each site has a set payout that doesn’t change. The salvage is also lucrative and goes into t2 and t3 industry.

  7. Ive been doing exploration and its not making anything. Ive stopped and went back to L4s until my hacking skills are maxed. Can't afford to be held back because of all the damn anti virus crap when hacking. Twice people tried to kill me last night. Started cargo scanning data and relics now first. Still theres usually nothing worth the risk. What is up with the loot?