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As the Professor of EVE Studies demonstrates in this video, recruiting friends to play EVE Online alongside you changes the in-game experience completely, so invite your friends and reap the rewards! →

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  1. Bullshit !!!!!!!!! to have fun in this game, you need skill points, there is 2 ways to get them
    1 – you just missing skill points, and need to spend 5 years with nonstop subscription to level all needed skills to have a REAL fun in the game which will cost you $1200 in subscription
    2 – spend ~$2700 of real money if you want to buy 212 skill injectors and levelup in 1 day for 80kk skilpoints
    The game is incredibly SLOW and time/money costly !!!!!!!!!!!!!! SHIT !!!!!!!!!!

  2. This video in summary: Got ganked? Pissed off? Get some friends together so you can be the gankers! Just remember there's always a bigger fish.

    What a load of bulls**t. Also, 'Marvin' is a spreadsheet computing expert. Even the devs know that their trash game is a spreadsheet Somalia simulator and not a proper spaceship MMORPG.

    Anyway, this recruiting system is not a good marketing strategy for EVE. Most of the people who play this game are sociopaths who don't have any real friends and would just abuse this for their alts. If any person was decent enough to have decent friends to play a computer game with, 9/10 they would play something more decent, not this crappy Somalia simulator. Go f**k yourselves CCP.