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Hi folks, so in this video I take a look at a new of the changes and why I don’t like what CCP has done and the way this is being implemented.

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What is Eve Online – Eve Online is a space-based, persistent world massively multiplayer online role-playing game developed and published by CCP Games. Players of Eve Online can participate in a number of in-game professions and activities, including mining, piracy, manufacturing, trading, exploration, and combat.

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  1. I'm a recently returned player, but seems to me ccp want to push more people to fighting and push people away from industry and mining. Game feels less like a sandbox than it used to.

  2. TL;DW – CCP doesn't know if it's coming or going, but it wants us all to know the good ship Lollipop is doing great. it's ironic the amount of abuse we take now, that probably 10 years from now we'll look back and think, "hmmm…it's amazing how a 19 year old playerbase was more mature than the creeps who ran the joint"

    * a) kind of shocking to realize eve is on the eve of ending its second decade b) researching "good ship…" to find the source of the cliche that popped into my head lead me into some really dark waters indeed

  3. In my opinion CCP touched the wrong BPOs. the neurolinks are the main culprit why faction subcaps are so expensive, so they should have been touched. The industrial core temp regulator change from 250 core temp regulators was ok, as well as cutting the water. but I would have left the reactions unchanged and only cut the number of auto-integrity/life supports. reducing the number of capital parts i also would not have done. 4-5b build cost for a rev I think the market would eventually have accepted, down from the 8b

  4. Most BPO's are not worth taking to 10. You also cannot compare destruction as it hasn't been implemented. Its about which ships are being destroyed. Currently it is mostly T2 cruisers which do not use these resources and also price being destroyed holds no relevance. You are trying to tie a bunch of stuff together that has nothing to do with one another.

  5. Hey there bud, I think you got somethings wrong in your analyst. since the scarcity patch faction ships and capitals were not being produced, in fact faction ships were being mined from LP. So with this up coming patch will have ppl start building those so that will be a big boost on the demand of the new component's. also things that have a shortage ie Isogen, Noc. will get even worse I can see 2,500.00 isk a unit after the patch.

  6. If I may add a foolish notion to the mix: Why not start an invasion? I wasn't in the universe when the Triglavians reared their pointy cones into the scene but all the stories I hear from veterans is how much "content" they got out of it, how many battles, how many ships they lost, and how the final resolution of the Invasion was a let-down. Sure they have Pochven, but Pochven hates everybody else's guts.

    Why not unite certain moguls with certain Admirals, come to agreements, and start a player-directed war against (I don't know) tourists, or janitors, or something? Sure, CCP has the control on ship designs, clothes designs, module designs (a trend, there), but recruit for a few armies, SRP their butts, build twenty thousand ships fully kitted, and ti-di their way through the galaxy.

    Players want content they should pour some of their own stuff into the pot. Including the willingness to lose everything.

  7. I have my own bias as someone who's in a major nullsec alliance mainly enjoying big shiny ship PvE, though I'm involved in trading and PI. Any change CCP makes will affect one group negatively and another positively. Smart ones with a lot of resources benefit everytime usually. It's unfortunate for the people who's toes have been stepped on with this update, ideally it should've been rolled out slowly for stability sake I agree, but given what CCP may have planned for the future it may be best to get this out of the way.

    I personally wanted cheaper ships quickly so this update pleases me. But for others who've been damaged because they weren't established enough, new opportunities will present themselves. I may be wrong but I think this update benifits/doesn't affect the vast majority of players.

    I think a big picture view is good to have, interms of how the player base is divided interms of their playstyle and how this affects each. Since I feel you may be referring to a minority in this video. Correct me if I'm wrong since I'm biased and am no expert in this area.

  8. Market is already deflating thanks presumably to the mining changes. I don't mind a challenge and am happy to change direction, but this constant tinkering means long-term planning becomes pointless.

  9. expect crashes. it is what happens. things will even out. they will push further. an issue i noticed is that you pointed out is that we need people to actually start risking and loosing stuff. so please have these massive corps go full on. otherwise the game's industry will mot recover. too much stockpiled too much not in reserve. and that is on the players not the game balance.

  10. if all this was because ccp didn't like (almost) everyone having a titan, ccp should have taken the bpo's out for titans for 10 years or so. instead they destroyed the known production lines due to the added unrequired materials that made the caps unrealistic to build. also ccp added more items to battleships and any size faction ship. if ccp wants to know why the game is losing players, look in the mirror. i have high hopes for the new drop though…..but i'm not holding my breath.

  11. 1:30 Not just the larger ships. Even the Pirate and navy frigates were impacted big time by the Trigger Neurolink Conduit (these ships doubled in price, though their previous price was almost exclusively from the BPC prior to the update, and after the patch the total manufacturing cost was higher than the built ships on the market, thus the BPC were virtually in the negative). One of those module cost more than the navy frigate itself on the market!!!

    Those modules are horrendous, way too complicated and not enough of them are reaching the market because of that, hence the stupid price of the ships in the end of the manufacture lines. Those modules pretty much killed the BPCs for the pirate ships in particular, no matter the size.
    Your shiny Gila BPC reward for completing the Guristas Epic Arc? Good for the garbage bin.
    Hunting the Mordu's in Low sec ? What a fool!
    The BPC are woth minus millions of ISK, because you'd had to pay me to "buy" your pirate BPC in order to build the ships, because they are cheaper already built in Jita, even with the new inflated price because of these new modules. You would only build those ships if you have access to the entire manufacture line, or because you dearly want to build it yourself out of pride/accomplishment, no matter the cost, not for financial reason. The pirate and navy subcap on the market comes from the LP sotres.

    Presumably solving a Titan issue and then include the pirate and navy subcaps was the stupidest excuse for introducing those modules. Those modules are not going to change with the coming update. CCP is therefore not acknowledging the root cause of their f*ck up with Trigger Neurolink Conduit. With the proposed update, the pirate and navy frigates are not going to change a iota, because they use only 1 of these modules (pirate use 2, one for each empire) and the other component don't change either with the coming update. The excuse that it allows them to adjust the price of the ships is a fallacy: they could adjust any other component or mineral to achieve that. Again, frigates only have 1 Trigger Neurolink Conduit (of respective empire), so they CAN'T adjust the number, except by removing them, which they're not doing.

    Manufacturers of the Trigger Neurolink Conduit are not going to sell bellow their build cost, so they are unlikely to lower in price after the change, and because the complexity is unchanged, and because less of them will be needed for the bigger ships, it is unlikely that more of them will be made available on the market anyway. And if people get excited and actually build more ships requiring these modules, and end up necessitate more of those modules from the market, their price may actually go up.

    The end results: the pirate and navy frigates will be either the same overprice to build, or might cost more to build. They are already 3-4 times the price of T2 frigates. Ridiculous!

  12. some good points. I am just touching Marauder production and also been making Seals and some PI stuff. So these changes have effect on me. Gonna see how it turns out. Luckily I am not heavily invested in just one of those areas.

  13. I read about the price to pay to stay Omega today. Wow. That is all I can say. I was willing to run six Omega accounts. It was a expense I could justify spending because I really enjoy this game. Now? With the new increased expense? I don’t know. Eve to me is a luxury item. I don’t need the game. I like the game. Everything has gone up. I get it. But crap. It might spell the death of the thing. Some will spend it. I cannot. I also cannot do enough to PLEX all the accounts at the moment. It will not shock me if others go alpha instead. I probably will. Maybe later IF CCP drops the price back down then okay. I will re up my mains. I will still miss my Omega abilities. Honestly Alpha mining sucks. No reprocessing your loot. Waste. Limited building. I may pull the plug period. I don’t know. I will miss it if I do.

  14. i thought adding complexity and cost to large industry builds was a good thing and im deep into industry and it set me back at least 8 months having the ability to increase the cost or drop the price of an item instead of over hauling the fittings and roles of ships is a good thing it adds tools to the sand box .
    but lead in and construction when you factor training we don't plan day ,week, or by the month but by years
    CCP needs to give the cost changes years when you move them more than 5% at a time
    the cost of titans & suppers i think was a good thing it puts titans back to there intended cost and resources back to the realms of large corps and alliance level builds but it will take years to whittle them down
    ccp should have cancelled all supers and titan builds credited back isk paid forced docked all supers and titans credited back isk at old build value then seed titans to market at new price = to what isk they paid out remove the prolifrication in one go
    i agree with you about faction battleships being pegged at 1-1.2 bill with pirate being 1.2-15 bil isk i do think t2 battleships are right close to the near 2 bil for the top tier

  15. As you pointed out yourself the destroyed volume stays the same. And if we assume that is true but items get cheaper in terms of both mats and build time (again, assuming that these decreases are proportional) than it only means more items produced overall without significant shift in earnings between primary resource producers (miners and PI) and industrialists. Well… maybe a slight shift will be in favour of hauling expenses as you will have to haul more final products around for the same total sales volume. And in destruction people shift from using small ships for larger ones. So less frigs/cruisers more BS/caps.

    Whom this change really messes up are people who owned those ships before the change, because their ships suddenly become 40-60% cheaper.

  16. Scarcity was not a good idea, like you said it was meant to slow down CAP and Super proliferation. But here's the thing those people that had all the big ships 1. Were already extremely rich and 2. Had warehouses of those big bad CAPs and Supers case in point BEEitNAM or the War between Goons and basically the whole of Null…did we see a drop in Titans and Cap kills on zkill NOPE, did we see either side having issues supplying ships NOPE because those Groups and People have had years and years of ISK and ships stacked up. What actually happened was Scarcity hurt Newbees and mid level organization who didn't have 100s of billions and Trillions to blow like it was 100isk. DONT MESS WITH THE SANDBOX if people complain about how many big ships there are and how they can't compete TO BAD GET BETTER the guy that blew you up once was a newbie and HE GOT BETTER. If you keep getting your teeth stumped in by bigger groups YOU GO AND FORM A BIGGER GROUP. PLAY THE GAME AND STOP crying. I say this because CCP listens to newbies and cry baby vets and because CCP listened to them we got SCARCITY. So please stop crying and just get better

  17. Destruction will go up, the thing you not taking into account by looking at your graph is that it is isk value. Price of dreads and carriers gets cut in half twice as much are normally used. That also leads to twice as much replacement builds needed. Brining the materials used going right back up. Weather people go back to using them is up to them.

  18. I am lucky to have not gotten into capital production, but some of the issues you discuss are what I struggle with when only doing T2 sub-cap industry. After the last change I saw a dip in many HACs and T2 Industrial ships. Curious how these changes will indirectly affect my profits and what hurdles I'll have to account for and discuss with my Corp and audience. Love your discussions on the pending changes. FS o7.

  19. This has been a problem for Eve for a few years now, I can remember when the Astero and Stratios first came out and all of a sudden there were a massive amount of people who started to do exploration which over the next few months filled the market with goods, so of coarse the market prices just dropped like a brick. Now this would be OK for people who were fitting ships because they could now use better items in their ships, but then people realised that the cost of T2 items were actually now more expensive than faction items and the whole market has to start to change and most of the things they have changed since have caused knock on effects on the market so that nowadays the markets are a total mess. I personally gave up when they started selling skill points, I saw this as them going away from the original idea of this game. Eve was brought out as a slow burning game which was meant to make people think over years instead of hours in a game but now some fool with a few thousand £ to spare can skill up to a higher level than someone who has been playing for years. Has it improved the game, well no, as you can see by the amount of regular players left in the game. Gone are the days of 50-100k players online and instead you have a constant amount of alpha players starting and leaving just to get 20k people online. Its just such a shame that they are constantly looking to make extra cash from the game and not thinking of the long run which in the end will cost them more than they will make.

  20. Same as in real life, those rich enough will weather the storm and come out on top, like Elon he can make billions in a day, same in eve, the small fry don't have the return on a smaller scale to benefit, took me ages to make a billion, the next came a lot quicker, it got easier to make isk the more I had, until CCP stated tinkering so often it was hard to adjust, I logged in the other day, I had some containers, each had changed by a massive amount, Salvage went up, minerals went up, Ice went down, Datacores went down, after each change CCP does the effect is less the further you spread your range, making it harder for the people coming up in the game to compete, I have lost billions with CCP's changed over many years, it's always a fight to recover, to CCP more change = more money when people use microtransaction to fill the gap.