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The largest attack I’ve had the pleasure of filming to date.
Story: Sansha’s Nation is in control of a wormhole generator. They have the ability to spawn wormholes when and where they please. They always spawn them above temperate (inhabited) planets and send massive invasion fleets through. Their goal is to abduct the local populous, bring them back through the wormholes, and force them into Sansha’s Nation.
That is what was happening in this video. We, the capsuleers, intervened.

Please note: This was a live event. It was also just one of over 150 battles that took place against Master Kuvakei, the leader of Sansha’s Nation, and the capsuleers who support him in his twisted goals.
All events in this video, and others like it that I filmed, took place on the TQ server.

Hall of the Mountain King by Apocalyptica


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  1. That's a good point, but they don't need to. They have enough DPS on the field to focus small groups on individual players. You'll notice that different ships have different colors of explosions. A red flash means NPC death. A blue flash means player death.
    Also, you'll notice at around 6:20, I started taking fire from a group of about 20 or 30 battleships. My armor repair unit couldn't keep up so I had to warp out. There are those, however, that get their warp drives jammed and can't warp.

  2. Also, I suppose it should be noted that the ship explosions shouldn't be confused with the missile explosions. If it's a shorter more staccato explosion, or one with a giant shock wave, those are missiles and Torpedoes. If it's sort of lingering flash of light that fades out slowly, that's a ship explosion.

  3. you could probably tank that in a damnation, if you had it loaded out with specific rigs, hardeners 1600 plate and about 30 scimitar's repping you. No idea how one would hold their attention with that though.

  4. Guardians*, armor tank. And you would need some good transversal. The only things that would really have a chance of taking that amount of fire would be speed tankers such as a tengu or legion and such.

  5. You're forgetting one very important thing. Notice the large swarm of frigates traveling at 1.5 km/s or more. Many of them are fitted with webbers and warp scrams. Even a Tengu would have a hard time against that many battleship lasers at that range going as slow as it would with that many tacklers on it unless it had some serious logi support like you said.

  6. Let me explain this for any other uneducated assholes who get the same idea:
    FC said my primary was frigates. Now look at the overview. Did you happen to notice the velocity on some of those frigates? They're using MWDs. That means I would lock them and they would fly out of range. No point in shooting if they're out of range.
    To an extent though, you're not wrong. I was still pretty new 3 years ago. Even I watch this and see a couple of things I could have done better.

  7. 1. This isn't an incursion. It's a live event. Distinct difference. This happened way before incursions.
    2. These are not incursion NPCs. They're regular NPC sanshas with the same AI as regular sansha, but they have MWDs. Everyone used PvE stuff during live events.
    3. As new as I was at this time, I doubt I had the capacity to fit a MWD onto a harbinger with a repper.
    Why so critical anyway? Why not just watch and enjoy the fight? If you can't enjoy it, then gtfo. Stop trolling.